Section 4 – In no fit state

Section 4
Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started? What about your name?

Section 4: Howaya! We’re Section 4 from Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland – Paul (guitar/vocals), Conor, (Drums/vocals), Bob (Bass/vocals). We got together in 2007 with the intention of being a straight up Oi! Band, but before long other influences, especially Reggae and Ska, came into our sound. The name is taken from Section 4 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act under which 2 of us, together with some friends of ours, were arrested one night; the story of that night forms the lyrics to the song “Night In the Cells” off our first album. Needless to say drink was taken…

Redstar73 Blog: You have just released your new album. Tell us more about it.
This album is a little different to our first one in that there’s a little more of the ska and reggae influence compared to tthe first one. Also theres a lot of extra instruments overdubbed here and there – organ, sax, trumpet, acoustic guitar, bodhran…we had quite a few of our mates guesting on it, cheers to all of them! This time around we’ve had a few labels help us out with the release; Jobsworth (Ireland), Rebeltime (Canada) and Infiltrate The System (England). That’ll will help with the promotion and distribution for which we’re very grateful.Due to the lenght of time it took us to get all the overdubbing and mixing done, we are almost ready to go and record again, so watch this space!

Redstar73 Blog: How important is for you the DIY idea and politics?
The DIY idea is great in a lot of ways but I’m not absolutist about it. The sense of community in the scene, the mutual aid, total control over every aspect of your band – all wonderful but it is very hard for DIY bands to survive. We all have to eat somehow so if you are making no money on music you have to work other jobs etc which means you have less time to do music. For every DIY band that can keep going for years there are a thousand great bands who broke up because they couldnt afford what is essentially a very expensive hobby. I would never change one word or one note of a song for money but if a label wanted to give us money to tour, record etc without setting any conditions I’d have no problem with it personally. Not that that’s likely to happen! As for politics, that word means different things to different people. It doesn’t have to mean parties and elections; politics is your values, what kind of a society you want to live in, and what you do to bring about that society. The songs we have about normal working class life, being skint, losing your job etc are just as political as the ones critisising the establishment. As for me, I’m a class struggle anarchist – real change will only come about from those of us on the bottom taking control.Politics is very important, but having the craic is important too! Also,you don’t get through to people by lecturing them;Im a big believer in the old Oi! slogan “having a laugh and having your say”. One last point: we are a 100% antiracist, antifascist band and have zero tolerance for that bullshit or people who take a soft line on it. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about dodgy bands/promoters in the Irish scene but we’re aware of the problem elsewhere.

Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for the Section 4?
We’re very proud to be playing the Keep The Faith festival in Belfast this May alongside a shitload of great bands. We’re hoping to get a tour of Ireland in during the summer to promote the new album, having already got a few English dates in this year with our German buddies Robinson Krause (hallo lads!).A new recording is on the cards but we’re still debating whether to do an EP/split release or go straight for another full lenght album.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
Last year we lost our friend and legend of the punk scene, Colin “Riot” McQuillan, singer for Runnin Riot. You couldn’t say enough good things about the man and we will give our all in his memory when we play Belfast in May. Also this year saw the untimely death of Todd Serious,singer for the Rebel Spell, who we had the pleasure of touring with on their previous visits to Ireland. Condolences to everyone affected by the passing of these two absolute gentlemen.
Thanks for your interest in our band, keep an eye on our Facebook for updates! Oi!

The Delirians – Funky Reggae baby!


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started?
The Delirians: The Delirians started in 2007.
The band was formerly known as The Steady Rock Easy Groove Council and was made up of old high school friends and a few local musicians.

Redstar73 Blog: How is it going with your debut album? How is to be on Angel City Records?
The Delirians: Our latest release Get Up! On Angel City Records was out mid 2014 and is now available on Spotify, iTunes, pandora and more. It has a variety of style fusions mixing up reggae, funk, ska and soul music.
Being with Angel City Records has been a great experience so far and we can’t wait for what’s to come in the future.

Redstar73 Blog: What’s the early reggae /ska scene like in your area?
The Delirians: It’s beautiful to see reggae music rising. More and more people are tuning in to the sweet sounds.
It’s nice to see music doing what it’s ment to do to bring people together.

Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for the Delirians, any new releases on the Horizon..?
The Delirians: 2015 had a bit of a rough start for us but we are ready to take on what’s to come. We are planning some more tours and also making new music to have for you! Our family of supporters.
2015 is upon us and the world is still a very crazy place. Let’s continue to fight together for what is right for us and for the youth! Together we can make this world a better place.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
The Delirians: Thank you Jan! Really appreciate the love and support

MerkaDIYo PUNK BCN – Sáb 11 de Abr’2015 – Barcelona

de 12h a 20h
el Sábado 11 de abril


Invitamos a aquellas distris, proyectos y colectivos interesados en montar su parada a que se pongan en contacto con nosotrxs a través de nuestra página en ‘feisbux’ o vía mail (

– 12h:
Inicio del MERKADILLO PUNK y TALLER D.I.Y. para PEKES (hasta las 14h).

a cargo de Pere G. Ejby (durante todo el día)

– 14h:
(posibles beneficios para gastos antirrepresivos del mov. okupa)

– 16h:



Como siempre, habrá servicio de bar durante todo el día. ¡Os esperamos!

CAN BATLLÓ: C/ Constitució, 19
<M> Mercat Nou, L1 /// FF.CC.: Magòria-La Campana

MOVIN’ ON Soul Club :: Barcelona :: 4th April 2015

Pure Soul Music Barcelona

At BARTS CLUB New centric venue!
Av. Paral.lel nº 62, Barcelona
Metro: “Paral.lel” L2 & L3
From 24:00h
Admission: 10 euros (including drink)

JADD (Madrid)
JULIAN RECA (Barcelona)
+ MOVIN’ ON Djs: Edu Domingo & Cristina Alonso

+++ Friday welcome party at GINGER (Plaça Sant Just, Barcelona)
FRIDAY 3th – from 21:00h til 02:30h  – Free entry

+++ SIESTA IS OVER!Movin’ On Warm Up at GINGER (Plaça Sant Just, Barcelona)
SATURDAY 4th – from 17:00h til 20:00h  – Free entry

[Next date :: June 6th 2015 :: Guest DJs > HAMBURG SPECIAL! more info coming soon]



Bob Cosby grew up listening to Soul music and became a fan of northern Soul at an early age , he travelled to Blackpool Mecca and the famous Torch all nighters in Stoke on Trent. He started his own Soul night in the early eighties at The Black Horse in his hometown of Leighton Buzzard in which there was a large contingent of Soul & Jazz-Funk fans, the Tuesday night event ran for 6 six years. Bob also appeared at the Caister Soul Weekends in the Eighties and at the Latin Jazz themed Mambo Madness nights in London alongside Chris Bangs and Gilles Peterson, when The Caister weekend adopted a newer format of dance, House & Garage Cosby decided he wanted to start his own weekender on a smaller format and Soul-Essence was born, he teamed up with Gavin Page and they are still running the event in Great Yarmouth today.
Soul- Essence is at the cutting edge of Real Soul Music and the DJ team includes Soul Sam,Steve Guarnori, Steve Plumb, Mike Charlton as well as many guests over the years the next event is the 33rd Weekender and there is now a partnership with Soul4Real in Bilbao at which he appears at each October. He has recently started to promote a regular “Black Horse Revival “ event which features great Soul & Jazz Funk classics and is proving very popular.

Total Experience – Contradiction
New Love Ltd. – So much to talk about
Chuck Stephens – Paying for your love
Ron Shy – Don’t you know
Los Vampiros – I can’t understand you
California Playboys – Trying to become a millionaire
The Impressions – Love me
Mighty Clouds of Joy – Look on the bright side
Nathan Wilkes – Strange Feeling
Robert Montgomery – I need you girl

JADD (Madrid)

I’m Jadd and Soul music is my passion. I can’t think of a better way to introduce myself. That’s why I keep collecting records, sharing them in my sessions and travelling to events with the same enthusiasm as ever. As a dj I have been a resident for ten years at the Soulfood Sessions in Marula café in my home town of Madrid, and recently I have set tongues wagging with my partners in theJazzin Club collective, which I’ve been a part of since the 90s. Recently I’ve taken my record box to Soul Essence (UK), Soul Shakers (Germany), Swiss Soul Weekender (Swiss), Stockholm Soul Weekender (Sweden), Soul4Real (Bilbao-Spain) and SoulsUnited (UK) and I’m very happy to be going back a fourth time to the Movin’ On booth. This is one of my favourite clubs and a landmark on the European circuit, which I often attend as a punter. It’s a real honour. I hope to see you on 4th April. These ten records will be in my box:

Soy JADD y el Soul es mi pasión. No se me ocurre una mejor carta de presentación. Es por esa razón por la que sigo coleccionando discos, compartiéndolos en mis sesiones y viajando a fiestas de Soul como si fuera el primer día. Como dj he sido residente durante 10 años en las Soulfood Session del Marula Café en mi ciudad, Madrid, y últimamente vuelvo a dar que hablar junto a mis compañeros del colectivo Jazzin Club, del que formo parte desde mediados de los 90. Recientemente he paseado mi maleta como dj invitado en Soul Essence(UK), Soul Shakers (Alemania), Swiss Soul Weekender (Suiza), Stockholm Soul Weekender (Suecia), Soul4Real (Bilbao) y SoulsUnited (UK) entre otros, y me hace mucha ilusión volver por cuarta vez a la cabina del Movin’ On. Es uno de mis clubes preferidos y uno de los clubes de referencia del circuito europeo  al que frecuentemente acudo como asistente. Un honor, de verdad. Espero veros el día 4 de abril. Estos 10 discos
estarán en mi maleta:

Mark LaRoi Cummings – Struggling together – Setting Sun
Brotherly Love – Whole Lotta You In Me – Robinson & Son
Teodo’r – Love Message – Shatter
Barbara Mason – Don’t I ever your mind sometime – West End
Bliss – If you need somebody – Enjoy
The Controllers – The people want music – Juana
Richard Adams – What a way to say goodbye – Star West
Sir Ted Ford – Disco Music – Ardent
The Last generation – Just a change in life – Last Generation
Jesse Mc Fall and The Funk Elegant Orchestra – Thought you Ought to know – Choice

+ JULIAN RECA (Barcelona) + MOVIN’ ON DJs: Eduardo Domingo & Cristina Alonso

Roughneck Riot Interview – Folk Punk

Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started?

Hey! We are Roughneck Riot, a Folk-Punk band from the North of England that started back in 2005 when Ryan (bass) and Matty (vox/mando) were 14/15 years old. Over time we have developed our sound to be the contemporary folk – punk sound that has moved away from traditional folk music.

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in Manchester?
We live in a town called Warrington which is between Manchester and Liverpool and very close to Leeds and we all constantly work with people from all over the country so the scene is pretty much spread out across the UK. Its the best scene i can imagine being in, the bands are all incredible, the majority of promoters weve played for really do their best to promote the gigs and look after the bands even with our crappy financial situation at the moment. The actual fans and friends of all the bands are amazing too, we can travel to anywhere in the country and usually find some of our friends. Its like a huge extended family!

Redstar73 Blog: How important is for you the DIY idea and politics?
I dont think its important that all bands write political music. Its an artistic expression of something so it can be anything. It just happens to be something we write about. Punk is the reason why I have the morals and ethics that I have and I think with the DIY punk scene, it goes hand in hand. The scene can only work through mutual aid and respect. Being part of a DIY scene usually means everyone is treated fairly and nobody is exploited for their efforts. Something i expect a lot of the scene wish everybody could experience, and why politics is so present in the scene. Our recent van troubles have highlighted to us how caring and generous of a scene it is if you’re willing to do whatever you can for others.

Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for the Roughneck Riot, any new releases on the Horizon..?
Our 2015 has been absolutely chaotic so far. Losing our van was a massive punch in the gut, and weve had all sorts of personal issues to cope with so writing has been pretty slow once again, but everything feels like we’re back on track at the moment. Our year is nicely filling out with tour dates, we have our 10 year anniversary gig this weekend and we’re hunting for vans right now. It’ll take more than this to stop us.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words…
Start a band! It’s great!
Also keep checking our facebook and website for tour dates and come check us out

You can get their CD here:

MerkaDIYo PUNK BCN – Sáb 21 de Mar’15

El MERKADIYO PUNK de BCN volvemos a la carga, tras nuestro parón de febrero.

¡OJO! Que esta vez será -y de manera excepcional- el tercer sábado del mes, y no el segundo como ha venido siendo siempre. O sea, estaremos en CAN BATLLÓ el Sábado 21 de Marzo, desde las 12h hasta las 20:30h.

Invitamos a aquellas distris, proyectos y colectivos interesados en montar su parada a que se pongan en contacto con nosotros a través de nuestra página en ‘feisbux’ o vía mail (

Esperamos contar con vuestra asistencia y participación, tanto de asiduos como de nuevos visitantes. Y es que hemos preparado esta nueva edición con bien de actividades y contenidos:

– 12h:
Inicio del MERKADILLO PUNK y TALLER D.I.Y. para PEKES (hasta las 14h).

– 13h:
PRESENTACIÓN-VERMUT del fanzine ‘FUROR UTERÍ #3′ a cargo de las compas del colectivo editor, y promotor del festival del mismo nombre que se realiza en Valencia.

– 14h:

– 19h:
CONCIERTO acústico a cargo de los ANGRY MAMA

· Para escucharlos (
· Vídeo del tema ‘Still not dead’ en Tupa Tutupa Records 31-1-15 (


Como siempre, habrá servicio de bar durante todo el día. ¡Os esperamos!

CAN BATLLÓ: C/ Constitució, 19
<M> Mercat Nou, L1 /// FF.CC.: Magòria-La Campana

THE BOILER :: Barcelona :: 14th March 2015

Rhythm’n’SoulClub ::: Barcelona
Facebook: TheBoiler Club (Barcelona)

March 14th 2015

KIMI HIRO (Bande à part, London)
FONSOUL (Barcelona)
+ Resident Djs: Jordi Duro & Cristina Alonso

At BARTS CLUB New centric venue!
Av. Paral.lel nº 62, Barcelona
Metro: “Paral.lel” L2 & L3
From 24:00h
Admission: 10 euros (including drink)

+ WARM UP Party on Friday 13th March 2015
Friends will be friends feat. Sergio Vibecreators + Genís Worksong + Cristina Alonso
At BARBARA ANN > Carrer Taquigraf Garriga 163, Barcelona
Metro Hospital Clinic or Les Corts
Free entry
From 23:30h

WARNING: Limited capacity. Arrive early or you’ll be left out!


KIMI HIRO (Bande à part, London)

Music has always been a big part of my life, buying records as a teenager and DJing now for over 10 years. I’ve grown up with ska/rocksteady in my country, Japan, but since moving to London I became more interested in a wider variety of black music and collecting originals. My passion goes to 50s and 60s RnB and this is what I usually play. I run my own night in London, Band a Part, with my DJ mate Ian O’Donoghue (aka Cousin Benson) for almost 7 years. We are fortunate to have had guest DJ’s coming from several parts of the world (Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Japan, USA) to join our night, as well as many UK DJs (sorry, we haven’t had anyone from Spain yet, but maybe soon!). I have been inspired by each and single DJ I’ve had the pleasure to dj with.

Joe Liggins – Going Back To New Orleans
Mable Scott – Fool Burro
Otis Blackwell – Let The Daddy Hold You
Lee Parker – Boy Meets Girl
Ray Richards – Minneap’lis Minnesota


Como DJ Sergio Albentosa ha paseado su maleta con jazz bailable por eventos como el EuroYeyé, el Magic Soul Weekend, el S.O.U.L., el Boiler, el Funtastic Dracula Carnival o el Black Talk. Como eterno modernista ha editado modzines (Cool!, Get on Train) y organizado infinidad de niters en la Ciudad del Túria. Como organista ha tocado junto a leyendas del calibre de JJ Barnes o Betty Harris y ha formado parte de multitud bandas como Goldfingers, Dr Party and The Midnight Movers, Buganvilia, Sowezee, Blue Groove Quartet, Hipsoul trio, Freddo andTthe Nitty Gritty, Railes Blues Band, The Natural Thing ,Jeff Jerolamon’s swing thing o, su actual proyecto, The Vibe-Creators,o su actuales proyectos Up for it trio, black velvet combo, the prototype y J.S.K trio.

Charles Kynnard & Buddy Collette – Mamblues (Pacific Jazz)
Renata Lu – Faz tanto tempo (Copacabana)
Brother Jack Mcduff – The live people (Prestige)
Lorez Alexandria – Psichedellic bag (Pazazz)
Truddy Pitts – Love for sale (Prestige)

FONSOUL (Barcelona)

Hi, I’m Alfonso from Barcelona. For me it’s a big big pleasure attending  to my favourite club on a different perspective. Usually punter, it’ll be my 2nd time at the decks. Many thanks Cris & Jordi! During the last ten years I’ve been lucky enough of being called to spin my records on most of the spanish rallies and clubs, also a few times abroad in Italy, Germany, Greece, France… I’ll try to contribute to that unique atmosphere the Boiler has, with my usual recipe: r&b, soul, boogaloo, funky soul, etc., mixing well known biggies with new hopefully refreshing goodies… Come dance with me!

Bob Marriott and The Continentals – I’ll walk a mile
Billy Boss and The Boss Tones – Sweet Ruby red lips
Ivory Lee – Alley oop!
Saxie Russell – Come dance with me
Little Stanley – Chop suey Looie
The Vontels – Ta hula-hoop
Mary Moore with Al Brown’s Orch. – Searching
Johnny Zamot – You cheated on me
Gospel Stars – Sometimes it’s hard
Richard Brown – Don’t listen to the grapevine

RESIDENT DJs: Jordi Duro & Cristina Alonso

THE BOILER (Rhythm’n’Soul Club @ Barcelona)


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