Top of the Pops – Ska Special

Clips by Bad Manners, Madness, The Beat, The Specials and so more.

TOTP was a British music chart television programme made by the BBC.

Bad Manners – Buona Sera (TOTP) (1981)

Bad Manners – Walking In The Sunshine (TOTP) (1981)

UB40 – One In Ten (TOTP) (1981)

The Specials – Ghost Town (TOTP) (1981)

Madness – Baggy Trousers (TOTP) (1980)

Bad Manners – Can Can (TOTP) (1981)

The Beat – Drowning (TOTP) (1981)

Bad Manners – Just A Feeling (TOTP) (1981)

Madness – Return Of The Los Palmas 7 (TOTP) (1981)

Bad Manners – Lorraine (TOTP) (1980)

The Beat – Too Nice To Talk To (TOTP) (1980)

Madness – Embarrassment (TOTP) (1980)

Bad Manners – Special Brew (TOTP) (1980)

Madness – Baggy Trousers (TOTP) (1980)

The Selecter – The Whisper (TOTP) (1980)

Bad Manners – Lip Up Fatty (TOTP) (1980)

The Piranhas – Tom Hark (TOTP) (1980)

The Beat – Mirror In The Bathroom (TOTP) (1980)

Bad Manners – Ne Ne Na Na Na Na Nu Nu (TOTP) (1980)

UB40 – Food For Thought (TOTP) (1980)

The Selecter – Missing Words (TOTP) (1980)

The Bodysnatchers – Let’s Do Rocksteady (TOTP) (1980)

The Selecter – Three Minute Hero (TOTP) (1980)

Madness – My Girl (TOTP) (1980)

THE SPECIALS – Do Nothing (TOTP) (1980)

The Beat – Tears Of A Clown (TOTP) (1979)

THE SPECIALS – A Message To You Rudy (TOTP) (1979)

Madness – The Prince (TOTP) (1979)

THE SPECIALS – Gangsters (TOTP) (1979)

Madness – Our House (TOTP) (1982)

Madness – Shut Up (TopPop) (1981)

Madness – One Step Beyond (TOTP) (1979)

Thanks to the youtube MadFranko008 user for all the uploads.

Call for the 2nd Annual International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners, July 25, 2016


In the year since the first July 25th International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners in 2015, there has been a disturbing increase of Far Right activity worldwide. Every day brings news of some new wave of reaction—in the name of nationalism and security—which demonizes refugees and immigrants, stokes hatred for Muslims, and attacks LGBTQ and other oppressed groups fighting for their liberation and their very lives.

The July 25 International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners originated in 2014 as the Day of Solidarity with Jock Palfreeman, an Australian man serving a 20-year sentence in Bulgaria for defending two Romani men from an attack by fascist football hooligans. In 2015, we expanded our solidarity efforts to include all antifascist prisoners across the globe. There were a variety of actions around the world: groups held benefit concerts, movie nights, talks, raffles, banner drops, letter-writings, and literature distribution on the street and at a punk festival. Others did photo-ops and videos, and issued statements of solidarity.

We call on anti-fascists worldwide to act in solidarity with antifascist prisoners! Consider having an event or dedicating an action to them. They are in there for us, and we are out here for them!

No Pasaran!
Until All Are Free!

Check for more info:

MOVIN’ ON :: Pure Soul Music Barcelona :: 4th June 2016

Pure Soul Music Barcelona

SATURDAY June 4th 2016

Av. Paral.lel nº 62, Barcelona
Metro: “Paral.lel” L2 & L3
From 23:00h
Admission: 10 euros (including drink)

JULIÁN RECA (Barcelona)
+ MOVIN’ ON Djs: Edu Domingo & Cristina Alonso

+++ Friday welcome party at GINGER (Plaça Sant Just, Barcelona)
FRIDAY 3rd – from 21:00h til 02:30h  – Free entry
Guest DJs: DJ VIRGINIE (Barcelona) + MANUEL PARRA (Sevilla)

+++ SIESTA IS OVER! Movin’ On Warm Up at GINGER (Plaça Sant Just, Barcelona) >> SATURDAY 4th – from 17:00h til 20:00h  – Free entry >> Guest DJs: ELSA (Valencia) + ADELA DOMINGUEZ (Madrid)

[Next date :: October 1st 2016 :: more info coming soon…]



Like most people on the soul scene, I got into this infectious sound at a very young age, and thankfully still have age on my side to keep learning and unearthing new sounds to my always open ears, regardless of the soul genre. I’ve only been collecting vinyl just over a decade but there’s nothing better than the thrill of hearing a new beat, hunting it down and finally obtaining that illustrious want.
Living in Leeds meant travelling to hear quality soul platters was a necessity so I decided to set up a rare soul night in the city with my pal Rich Buckley. That Driving Beat was formed and ran successfully for 8yrs up until recently when we called it a day. I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to play at top events in the UK and European weekenders/niters, and I’m really looking forward to hitting the steel wheels at moving on, playing to an up for it vibrant crowd in Barcelona on my first visit to this amazing city!

Top 5
Harvey Scales – Trying to survive
Bernard Smith – Got to be a reason
Bernetia Miller – You can tell me Goodbye
Kings Of Soul – Is your love for me
Jack Sass Band – Where is the love (you promised me)

CHRISTOPHE IMBERT (France / Barcelona)

Hola soy Christophe, gabacho afincado en el Valles Oriental (norte de Barcelona por los que no conocen) desde 2008. Es un verdadero placer y un honor de haber sido convidado para pinchar en el Movin’ On, seguramente uno de los mejor club de Europa y sin ninguna duda mi preferido junto al Boiler. Edu me ha pedido una pequeña bio, cosa que siempre me costa mucho hacer. Bueno, en pocas palabras, empecé a pinchar 60s soul y R&B en 2000 en Lyon, en un pequeño club que se llamaba Boom Boom. Luego me trasladé a Bordeaux, siguiendo poner música y montar fiestas (Midnight Shuffle, St Tropez Soulful Patrol,…). A llegar a Catalunya, reempezar hace 6-7 años con mi compañero Fonsoul, a organizar un club mensual en Barcelona, llamado Double Cookin’ y dedicado a la música negra, en un sentido muy amplio, porque va del R&B 50s hasta el Xover y 70s soul. “Over the board” y sin complejo son seguramente las palabras que definen mejor las sesiones que hacemos. Algunos clubes donde he pinchado estos últimos años: Soul Parade (Paris), Big Shake (Helsinki), Teen Scene (London),…. Por este Movin On, dejare de lado los sonidos más early para un mix que debería incluir, por supuesto, 60s y 70s soul, pero también deep funk, un poco de xover y modern y mucho góspel, que es lo que mola ahora. En la maleta llevare seguramente estos discos anqué no os puedo asegurar que los pinchare todos.

Sacred Four – Somebody is watching you (Champ)
Bobby King & The Relation – Don’t Give Up Hope (Lunar)
Newborn – It’s allright! (to get beside yourself) (Private LP)
Carlton Basco – Don’t Chain my Soul (Freedom)
Harvey Scales – Love Thief (Magic Touch)

JULIAN RECA (Barcelona)

Hola soy Julian Reca, odio esto de las presentaciones así que seré breve… sólo decir que me muero de ganas de que empiece el Movin ya!! Mis gustos musicales para quien no me conozca o no haya escuchado alguno de mis sets, son de lo más variado, del soul sixties al 80s boogie, del funk al disco, sin olvidarnos del northern y el xover, vamos que los limites se los pone uno, y en mi caso voy a escape libre. Es un orgullo el poder volver a la cabina del Movin y además en esta edición tan especial. Os dejo aquí algunos de los discos que pondré el sabado. Nos vemos en nada!!!

The energetics – You make me nothing
Clay brown – Walk with a groove
Brutal force – Dreams for sale
Larry McGee Revolution – The burg
Kenix feat Bobby Youngblood – Theres never been no one like you


Un placer aportar mi granito de arena de nuevo en uno de los clubs que más me ha aportado personalmente. Con muchas ganas de compartir unas horas de pura magia rodeado de gente como la que está leyendo estas líneas. Aquí os adjunto 5 cuarenta y cincos que os podrías perder si no venís a la fiesta.

Matt Brown – Thank you baby (Jarval)
Ralph “Soul” Jackson – Set me free (Black Kat)
Paul Burton – So very hard to make it (Music-Go-Round)
Kelly & The Soul Explosions – Talking about my baby’s love (Dynamite)
Frankie Alexander – No seat dancin (Deelegance)

+ MOVIN’ ON DJs: Eduardo Domingo & Cristina Alonso


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