Heros & Zeros Interview

Heros & Zeros
Interview mit der großartigen Amsterdamer Red Skin Band.

soweit ich weiß, spielt ein teil von euch noch in anderen bands. welche bands sind das und wie bekommt ihr das alles unter einem hut?
-Yeah, Gili and Mali play in a garage band Bong-O-Brains, and the rest of the band sings in a Gospel-choir after drinking or smoking too much. And RC is playing trumpet in the marching band of the fire department of Amsterdam.The problems of different bands is that sometimes it's hard to practice because everybody is busy. And when Marko comes back from vitamin x tour he thinks he is Napoleon and he sings in french and it takes lots of
time to get him back to english.

die hälfte der band kommt aus serbien. wie beurteilt ihr die politische situation in ex-jugosloawien?
-Well, situation is definitely not great, I mean, of course it's way better that during Milosevic dictatorship, but it's definitely not what we were hoping to have after the 5th October revolution.
New government is one big mass, without any specific solutions/plans for Serbian economy, and their whole
strategy is for example, getting as much as possible foreign investors and cash on them by selling them our own fabrics, instead of investing and having control over our own economy. Another bad thing is, there are more and more laws which are protecting rich people and in the same time there are talks about shutting down worker unions.
And not even to mention corruption and crime what are still some of the main problems in that country, plus spreading new trends to hungry masses like Ortodox Christianity, and still keeping high level of nationalism.
Good things are, that war(s) is over, and Serbia is finally getting more open toward other country's, especially toward another former Yugoslavian republic like Croatia, or Slovenia, than new democratic government is trying to be more tolerant with many things, and in the same time to be against different sorts discrimination…but of course, there are more talks than happenings, but still..
The most important thing is the fact, that people can get together if they want, and start their own revolution.

ihr macht bald ‚ne tour durch ungarn, etc. habt ihr ne vorstellung was euch dort erwartet?
  – We expect fun that's it. We dont expect to sell more than 1000 t-shirts per show, but that's ok. We think the
shows in eastern-europe gonna be alot crazier because they don't have as many shows as for instance germany so when a band from outside plays they enjoy more.

veränderung von der single zum album?
-Yeah it's gonna come out probably at the same time you read this.The single was only street-punk and on
our new album we have couple of different songs,you hear alot of opera and dixieland-jazz,the songs are more mature because of that.But seriously: we have grown musicly and hopefully people can hear that, it's more rock than the single but it's not weaker it's fatter!

ihr habt ein song auf serbisch auf der single. warum? und sind auch songs auf dem album in der sprache?

-No, I didn't write any Serbian lyrics for the album, and I mean, it's not really that we're singing is Serbian.it was just one song on the "7", and the rest was all in English. I personally like when some bands combine different languages in therlyric, and of course, there is a definitely a big chance that we'll have another Serbian lyric in the future, but it all depends of inspirations.

unüblich eine trompete einzubauen
-No it's not typical, but we love it! Maybe because it's so orginal. It gives us a little gypsy touch, but not enough yet, in my opinion, i mean we listen really alot to gypsy music and you can barely hear it in our songs, for the next record expect more crazy umpa-tumpa with oi!
And i will tell you an exclusive secret: Olav from Stage Bottles plays sax on couple of songs on the record!!!!

ihr seind ne politisch linke oi band. habt ihr deswegen ärger mit der szene? gerade weil viele betont unpolitisch sein wollen und doch nach rechts offen sind.
– As so many oi fans say they areapolitical but a lot of them are open to the right wing scum. No we didn't really have any trouble yet because we are not so big yet and there only a few nazi-morrons around Amsterdam, but by now more of them heard about us in Holland and we probaly we will play rotterdam soon and that's whole different story. There are more miserable idiots there just because Pim Fortuyn had his head quarters there and Feyenoord can't play so they are angrier than their loser friends in Amsterdam, but couple of us are known for being socialists so that's a guarantee that trouble is coming!

szene amsterdam/ holland?
-Well, we have a lot of cool hardcore bands, like: Seen red, SAF, Mihoen, Dandare, Vitamin X (ha), etc.
But street punk/OI! part of scene pretty much sux! There really only a couple of bands worth checking out.Antidote, Good Old Habit, Possible Suspect, Disturbance and maybe a couple more. The rest are crap!!! Hunreds of blink-182,linkin park idiots. And in the south they call biohazard oi! So we are stuck on an little oiland (island).And around rotterdam you've got a couple of bonehead-bands and i hope they'll rot in hell! They are obviously not our scene.

auf der web seite schreibt ihr, ihr wollte neue songs aufnehmen. für was sollen die sachen sein?
-Yeah, we are planning to do a split "7" somewhere in future, but at the moment that's just an idea, cause we have the new album coming out, and European tour, plus a bunch of other shows, what's gonna keep us busy for some period.

ihr seit auf dem maximaal onthaal sampler. könnte ihr den grund für den sampler erklären!
The oldest son of the queen who's gonna be her follower on the trone(if there's gonna be one) got married to a daughter of member of argentenian coupe who's killed thousands of people in the 70's. A perfect couple of 2 extremely reach right wing parasites. The marriage costed millions!!!!!! Only the wedding-dress of maxima costed 6 million euro! And guess who paid for it? We did! That's where our taxes go , and not in health care and education! So a guy called robert organized a compilation with lots of dutch punk bands to protest against the injustice and we are extremely proud to be a part of it!!!!

erzählt doch mal mehr zu eurem politischem background. seid ihr irgendwo aktiv?
Yeah all of us take part in actions like demo's and stuff, but a couple of us are members of The Intenational Socialists, who are linked to Linksruk in germany and SWP in England and the International Socialists Tendency worldwide.

welchen Fußball club unterstützt ihr?
Of course AJAX!!!!!AJAX is the only god! But also CSKA Moscow, Partizan Belgrade, West Ham Utd (how original, but we just like them), and Borussia Munchen-Gladbach(Mike mad butcher told us it's obligatory) Thanx for interviewing us! Big salute from Amsterdam Night-City nazi-free!
Some questions answered by Marko the rest by RC

redstar73 production 2002-2005


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