The Short Story Of DURANGO 95

by Rick Kendrick
It all started when a rocksteady band called the Liquidators broke up in the late 80's. Mike Crowell (The bass player) wanted to play something different and new. So, he and Misty (a vocalist in the Liquidators) were to start a soul band along with a bunch of us (some of which never played an instrument or sang). We played quite often In California and recorded often also at a really inexpensive, but great studio that did (and still does) punk, called the House Of Faith.

We have many unreleased tracks that were recorded there. We had only one single out, and one song on a MOON comp. called SKArmaggedon. No , it wasn't a ska song! Anyways, the single was selling better in Europe than here, so it was decided we should go there and tour. We did in '92 I think. We toured with a ska band called 100 MEN. I personally had a great time, although others in the band might say otherwise of themselves. Let's just say it was a looong trip! A month to be exact. A lot of weird stuff happened with gigs and personalities, etc. Anyway, when that was over, we lost a couple members due to musical differences and stress, but we carried on. We never really got the following we wanted in America, until it was over. I don't think people in the scene were ready for soul, at that point ska was really starting to take off. So after playing for about four years and getting no where, we decided to call it quits. It's funny because our last show was our best show, I have that on tape and its sad to listen to. We were finally getting the turnout and we were getting really good. Too late! We played Seattle once and that sucked. People were yelling for us to "play some real ska". They just didn't understand what we were trying to do. In Europe though, they totally got it! Actually, on our first couple of shows we ever played, we did a couple of rocksteady tunes, but people started calling us a ska band and we didn't want that label, so we dropped the songs. Anyway, the band broke up, under no bad terms at all. We are still great friends and still hang out together all the time. Well, a few us (3 to be exact) wanted to keep playing soul when Durango 95 broke up, so we gatheres some more of our friends together and auditioned for the rest and came up with the Inciters. We wanted to stick closer to the Northern Soul sound this time out. And here today 4 years later and going stong with the INCITERS! Now, though, as was not the case with Durango 95 was a band before (or way after depending how you think of it) it's time. The Inciters get some awesome gigs. Our high point was having Motown artist, Brenda Halloway sing with us on stage! And possible record with us in the near future. Europe is also in the works. But credit must go to Mike and his vision of starting Durango 95. By the way, he and Glen from Durango 95 are playing in a punk/ oi band called the Reducers. And now, thanks to Dave from Oink!, for those of you that remember or just have discovered Durango 95 and wanted more, you'll be able to get some of our unreleased stuff and maybe more, if this new single goes well. Also, there will be more stuff from the Inciters as we keep the flame burning for soul fans. If you've got one, support your local soul scene!


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