– you have just released your third cd. tell us a little bit more about it. when was it recorded? how many songs? any cover songs?

We have recorder our new cd between February and March 2004. Actually, we have spent loads of hours in the studio and we are proud of the result, although as always, something could be better… In this cd we have 13 new songs. Three of them are in English or something that tries to sound like. (I guess no native English will understand a word). At the end of the cd there is a hidden song that is a cover of Becks Pistols. Their song Pöbel und Gesocks, that we sing as “No soc Espanyol” (Ich bin kein Spaniard)

– how is the feedback for your new album?

everybody congratulates us for it. Actually, the sound of our new album is more powerful and clean cause the studio was one million times better than the former cds. Some people think this cd is not as “pure oi!” as the others ‘cause the rhythm is faster but listen to it and tell us your opinion.

– our german readers have hardly heard about the catalan culture. could you tell us the differences between the spanish state and catalunya.

The difference between Catalunya and Spain is the same that between Germany and Italy or France and Rumania, I mean, two Europeans nations with their own history, language and traditions. But sadly to say that Spain conquered by war Catalunya in 1714. Did you know Catalunya was a free and independent country until 1714? Since there the Catalan language has been systematically persecuted and downstaged by Spanish governments.

– what about all the pride in catala. isn't it strange to support a nationalist movement as a left wing band?

Of course not. Our nationalist movement is due to our land is oppressed and we wish freedom as every nation in world. We think it’s important to distinguish the excluder – nationalist from ours. Like in Euskadi, like in Ireland, Galizia… like in many other countries we support our land forward to freedom.

– you sing mainly in catalan. would you ever sing a song in castellano?

I don’t think so….why should us? All we speak in catalan at home, with our friends… it’s our language so we use it to live and to sing of course.

– how important is for you your own language catalan?

It seems that you think about catalan as a minority language only spoken by few people in remote or rural areas, but during centuries the Catalan language was the only private, public and official language of the whole Catalan nation.

So for us it’s as important as german is for you, although for sure it’s one of the major cultural identities

– i have read in a book a little bit about "Terra Lliure". could you tell us more about them and what do you think about this group?

Terra Lliure (Free Land) was a leftwing Catalonian separatist group formed in the 1970s with the goal of establishing an independent Marxist state in the Catalan Lands. Its activity was mainly small-scale bombing attacks against property, include state buildings. Leadership announced in July 1991 that the group had ceased armed operations.
When we were young Terra Lliure was still operational, but nowadays it seems that armed way to freedom is over in Catalunya.

– you have been active in the catalan red skin scene for a long time. could you tell us a little bit more about the beginning and about the scene today. and how important is for you the RASH movement?

We are a red band for sure, and we always be. The redskin scene was absolutely powerful 15 years ago, with a huge number of members, but nowadays all is a bit more confused. Of course redskins are here to stay but some young lads prefer to fly the apolitical flag. In our land RASH is not strong as we have seen in other countries as France or Italy. I don’t know the reason why. Maybe the strong division that grew inside the SHARP lines when they try to unify all Sharp sections. Another reason could be the strong difference between some reds and some anarchist regarding national problem in our land.
But we have known lots of RASH pales in other countries and, in fact, RASH has been the organization behind the most of our gigs in Europe. Skinheads antifascist, anyway, rule ok.

– football seems to be one of the main topics in your songs. does everyone support fc barcelona in the band? are you still going to the games?
4 of us support Futbol Club Barcelona, most of us joining the game every weekend. The fifth is Celta supporter cause he is not catalan, he was born in Galizia. And yeah, fussball is one of our main topics ‘cause our club is the best of the world, so what can we do about it?

– what do you think about:
aznar/ pp he is full of shit, shit, shit shit shit
st. pauli I’ve got ERECTION!
screwdriver IAN is Dead
decibelios: A great band with a sad end days

– your singer has published a book about the skinhead scene in catalunya. details!! and is there more coming? more books about the skinhead scene?
Carles has wrote two books about skinhead scene, the second one with a great success. Soon is going out a new one about Decibelios biography.
His book has been very important cause one year ago a bullshit journalist had published how he was infiltrated between nazi skinhead groups and it was a bomb!. Loads of fuckin lies about skinhead movement just to sell books.
Carles has just demystified this and with his book tries to explain the truth all over.

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