Red Head Man Interview

what are your next projects?
I don’t want to speak about projects which are not really sure. Several weeks/months ago, I told you about bands who don’t send me any news since then.
So, I think there will be several 7” but I can’t say exactly how many and, except Magic Lord, I don’t really know the bands 😉

your sublabel ‘Jewel’ is only for singles?
YES ! For traditional ska and rocksteady. There won’t be any other kind of music on Jewels. Its aim is to release records from bands which are not “married” with “big” ska label.
As well, there won’t be any other music than skinhead-reggae on DRAKKAR Rec., the label I started with Lord.
what was your best seller ?
About the records I released … I don’t really know. I use to trade a lot of records with people like you, then I can make a good (I hope) mailorder list.

what’s going on in the french Ska scene ?
The French scene is not as rich as 3 or 4 years ago. Bands like Olds bands Western Special or Soul Invaders have stopped and the new ones don’t have many gigs and places for playing. Jim Murple Memorial (especially) and 100g de Tête have big gigs and
festivals but other bands don’t play much.
ASPO, Train’s Tones and Moon Hop play just a few concerts every year.
Magic Lord (ex-Viking’s Remedy bands) and Two Tone Club can play out of France, but not much in France.
The B-Soul Allstars case is different : they can’t play because  its
members live in different countries …
Anyway, there are many  good bands but, not enough public and places.
Maybe you could make them play in Spain or anywhere else. I mean the French scene is rich but not dynamic.
About the non-traditionalska scene there are other bands (Jah On Slide, Gotham C.T.,  Skuds and Panic People and many more) They have the same problems except Los Tres Puntos who have their own public.
 Most people prefer rock’n roll, but as well, in a few year they will come back to jamaïcan influenced music …
Then, I think you will hear about young French bands again : Heatmakers, Aggrowells, The Liquids, Up Ten …

is there any meaning behind the record label name ?
Behind Drakkar ? just ask to Lord
Behind RedHeadMan ? my hair color and my political options : RED !
Behind Jewels ? none, maybe in Relation with RHM : Ronan His Majesty (lol)

the final word :
please, Black Pearl … come back with us.

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