Rude Cat Festival 2008

The Rude Cat Festival returns after the succes of the first edition.Thanks to all the people you came on the ’07 edition.
We expect to satisfy your expectatives on the next date that will take place on March 15th, 2008.
The Rude Cat Festival 2008 will take place in the same venue, La Mirona of Salt, close to the beatifull city of Girona. Schedules will be similar to the last year, and we’ll communicate you the exact time. Closing time will be the same one, and the music will sound without any pause ’till 5 in the early morning.

Line up confirmed up to now:

*Doreen Shaffer & *The Stingers (JAMAICA-USA)
*The Slackers (USA)
*Red Soul Community (SPAIN)
*Go Jimmy Go (USA)
*The Upsessions (HOLLAND)
*The Impalers (USA)

*And more artists to confirm…

***Special supply pre sale tickets before December 16th***

More information and tickets sale in our website:


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