The great jamaican singer Owen Gray will replace Ken Boothe at the Rude Cat

Owen Gray will play at the Rude Cat Festival on Saturday, March 15th, at La
Mirona Venue in Salt (Girona, Spain) from 18:00 hours on. The great jamaican
singer will replace Ken Boothe, who will not play this year at the Rude Cat
due to personal reasons.

Owen Gray was Jamaica’s first home-grown singing star, and the first
Jamaican singer to achieve recognition (and stardom) doing something other
than calypso music. Gray’s breakthrough came in 1960 when he recorded
“Please Don’t Let Me Go” with the Caribs (including guitarist Ernest Ranglin
on his first recording session) for a young would-be record producer from
England named Chris Blackwell. Back in Kingston, Gray found himself in high
demand, and his voice quickly captured on tape by producers Leslie Kong,
Prince Buster, Duke Reid and, most importantly, Coxson Dodd, who was just
starting up his legendary Studio One label at the time.

Owen Gray will be backe by The Caroloregians. The Rude Cat Festival will
offer the great live acts of Doreen Shaffer (The Skatalites), The Slackers,
Go Jimmy Go, The Impalers, Red Soul Community, The Fenicians and The

The German dj Boss-K will offer the soundtrack the whole night
as a last hour addition; Boss-K is specialised in early reggae, rock steady,
jamaican ska and two-tone.


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