The Cabrians New Album Review

The Cabrians are quite a new wonderful group from Mataro, Spain. The album has been released on two labels– Redstar 73 and Liquidator Music. Both great labels that are creating and supporting the thriving reggae scene in Spain. This album embraces wild western themes with upbeat ska, skinhead reggae, and rocksteady all thrown into the mix. Most of the songs seem to be appropriately themed drinking (“Drunkard’s Pride”), violence (“Bang Bang Shot”), and sex (“Pussy Juice” or “Cackie Cackie Monster”). If you are looking for sophisticated pc reggae the album “For A Few Pussies More” should be fare warning enough. The album is sprinkled with sound effects and intros that pull from westerns and early reggae DJ’s that boasted of their badness, bravado, and sexuality (King Stitt, Crystalites, Lee Perry, etc.).

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