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For those of you who don’t constantly check our Myspace page you should start because all we care about is playcounts we are still on a forced hiatus. Long story short, I suffered some real serious injuries being hit by a Mack truck while on my bike. Doing the therapy thing now and hoping for the best … ANYWAY … we got new music up UP UP on the ol’ Myspace now … LOVE IS WAR and DUB IS WAR featuring MC ZULU. Yeah, it’s not your typical Drastics jam so give it a chance.

The bottom line is that we wanna be pressing some of this new material we got down (before my muffuggin elbow got all crowlipped) to vinyl and want to know which tracks are your favorites … We’ll be releasing 2 new tracks (a virtual 7″) every first Tuesday of the month and whatever gets the most plays will help us decide what to press. So … Everybody Right Now, GET INTO IT … Everybody Over There, GET ON UP … Everybody Right Now, GET INVOLVED, GET INVOLVED! Or jus go listen to the damn things already.

Our planned release schedule is going to be something like …

November: Love Is War/Dub Is War (w/ MC Zulu)
December: Fraudulent Parts 1 & 2 (w/ Fada Dougou)
January: Ever Ready/Dub (w/ MC Zulu & Fada Dougou)
February: Toppa Top/Version (w/ Fada Dougou)

So that should keep ya’ll going until we can play a goddamn show again. We know how lonely you can get. Oh, plus a new website with a whole bunch of free stuff is coming soon … any day now actually … so check back for that …

ok , that’s enough …
anthony, the drastics, et al


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