Newsletter winter 2008 – Reggae Recipe Amsterdam

With a few weeks delay from the usually planned december date (booking a flight gets much more expensive in the Christmas period) we can now finally announce the long awaited winter edition of our club.
2008 has been a great year. We were back -after a hiatus of almost one year- with a renewed formula (always live music, dj sets and free Caribbean snacks) and the will to bring Amsterdam definitely back on the (oldschool) reggae map. Did we eventually succeed? Well, we really think we did!
In five editions since our comeback everything improved: we could bring everytime to our hometown one of the best emerging acts of the European ska/rocksteady/early reggae scene (Caroloregians, Heatmakers, Upsessions, Liquids and Ratazanas) and we had always great guest djs (Shing-A-Linger, Mr. Moodisc, Kingskin, Pallino and Bopper).The good feedback and appreciation never lacked and even the attendance kept growing steadily at every nighter.
Another good sign: towards the end of every party we could notice that the trays with our (homemade) snacks had been emptied until the last crumb/drop. THANK YOU ALL FOR THAT!
But we feel we can do even better, and reach even further, even though we wanna keep it small and friendly.
In order to improve our possibilities to get foreign bands from even further away without waiting for them to come on tour in our area we’ve started a collaboration with Antwerp’s very own Bar Mondial, a venue with the mission of getting great live ‘roots’ music to their nice hometown. Just like our beloved Maloe Melo.
The first result of this collaboration will be the One Droppers from Milan. This young but pretty experienced band (some of its members played with well known local and international acts like Mr. T-Bone and Arpioni) is gonna bring you a brand of soulful and energetic original ska in the style of The Blues Busters… only with just one vocalist!
They will perform in Amsterdam on saturday 17 january at Maloe Melo (Lijnbaansgracht 163).
The doors will open at 22:00 and the admission is 7 euro. After their show dj set with resident Flavio Bacardi and guest dj Anna Vodka (Utrecht).
And, just as usual, our homemade Caribbean snacks will be there to set your tastebuds alight!
We don’t say what it is but we leave you with just a hint: the polenta connection!

Reggae Recipe Amsterdam

“Showtime ladies and gentlemen, we don’t want this thing to be a drag!!!”


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