Episode 126: Featured Artist of the Month now up!


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We are back up and running!

It’s been a long and lonely month away from you all so open your arms up wide and embrace the featured sounds we got for you this month! We got a chance to talk to Naima and Moritz from the band K-Mob in Hamburg, Germany this month and they told us all about the band, they’re new album, and life in Germany.

They play some of the most unique and addictive rocksteady, soul, and reggae music I’ve ever heard. We also got a few new tunes to play for you that we have recently received. So gather around and turn up the sound, Pressure Drop is back in town!

– Gabe


1 One Night Band – Not Enough www.myspace.com/theonenightband
2 The Brentford Sounds – The Rest Of Our Days www.myspace.com/thebrentfordsound
3 The Orobians – Napoleon Solo www.redstar73.com

K-Mob Tunes and Interview
4 Harlem Heat
5 Highway 101
6 Sweet Love Sensation
7 How Heart Fail
8 Keep Waiting
9 Pleasure (Feat. Dr. Ring Ding)
10 Hey Love (K-Mob’s First Single)

Visit: www.k-mob.net or www.myspace.com/kmob


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