Pressure Drop 130: First Time For The New Guy

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Greetings, Andrew Barker here, this is my first podcast for pressure drop soundcast. As you might have heard Gabe mention I’m a radio host from Chicago. I have hosted Positive Vibrations at WCRX 88.1 FM or if you want to check it out on Thursdays from 7-9 PM CST. This is my new gig and I’ll be posting regularly so check your feeds. I’ve picked through my music collection to try to put together a good selection for my first show, so I hope you enjoy…Cheers!

1. Ghetto Drastic-The Drastics
2. Pressure Drop- The Clash
3. The Runaround- Westbound Train
4. Pirate Radio- The Toasters
5. Late Night Call- The Pietasters
6. Blackout- Ernest Ranglin
7. My Girl Lollipop- Bad Manners
8. The Needle- Dr. Ring Ding
9. Stay With Me- Bluekilla
10. Messin’ Around- Deal’s Gone Bad
11. The Game- Culver City Dub Collective
12. Dread Rock- Judge Dread
13. Solomon- Chris Murray
14. Feed This Hunger- Go Jimmy Go
15. Bubbler- Ernest Ranglin
16. Country Man Fiddle- The Aggrolites
17. Old Dog- The Slackers
18. Hey Bartender- Laurel Aitken
19. Living in a Suitcase- The Loafers
20. Broke- Green Room Rockers
21. What’s Different- Ed Rome


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