Newsletter feb. 2009 – Reggae Recipe spring edition 28 march feat. Flight 404 (Barcelona)

Hallo everybody!

As most of already might know, we’ve started 2009 with a collaboration with Antwerp’s Bar Mondial which allowed us to bring you The One Droppers from Milan (check our MySpace page for pictures of their Be-Ne tour). The joint effort has proved to be really successful and therefore there is no reason not to go on!
This time we’re gonna bring you Flight 404, an eight piece from Barcelona, active since 2003, that has just brought out their debut LP ‘Trip To Moon’.
High altitude early reggae in the Upsetters/Rudies/Joe Gibbs line. Original compositions delivered with great musicianship and a slightly jazzy touch.
They will play in Antwerp on friday 27 march (Bar Mondial) and in Amsterdam on saturday 28, needless to say in our beloved Maloe Melo (Lijnbaansgracht 163).
Selectors for the latter party will be resident Flavio Bacardi and Mr. Moodisc from Utrecht.
And -how could we forget about it?- plenty of savoury Caribbean snacks for the early birds (and maybe even for the late…). Last time we highlighted the passion for cornmeal of both Jamaicans and (Northern) Italians. What will it be this time, with a Catalonian band visiting?
Just come and discover it!

Reggae Recipe Amsterdam

“Showtime ladies and gentlemen, we don’t want this thing to be a drag!!!”


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