Musical Occupation Mixtape 1

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Jan Kroll from Redstar73 Records has put together our very first Musical Occupation Mixtape!
This mix takes you through some of the best ska and reggae music Europe has to offer. Jan has a bunch of ideas for mixes and will be putting more together soon. Visit the new Redstar73 Web Store and see what they got!

Rude Boy – Baby Love & the van Dangos (denmark)
You are too bad – Club Killers (sweden)
Skinhead Revolt – Contratempo (catalunya)
Call me – Skapoint (poland)
Dedication – The Babylon Whackers (england)
Don’t fall in love . The Deltones (england)
Don’t go – the Dualers (england)
Jumpstart – The Forest Hillbillies (england)
Soon you’ll be come – Casino Royal (italy)
I don’t feel – Capone and the Bullets (scotland)
Tom Hark – The Piranhas (england)
Steps in the Alley – Blue Chateau (germany)
Napoleon Solo – The Orobians (italy)
They rule the world – The Busters (germany)
No mess no fuss – The Kinky Coo Coo’s (catalunya)
Funny little fella – The Riffs (england)
No excuse – Alpha Boy School (germany)

We got more mixes in store from our friends on the inter-webs so look out!

Would you like to put together a mix to share with everyone?
Hit us up at


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