Episode 138: Guest Dave Hillyard and New Tunes Galore

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What a fine show we got for you this week! Dave Hillyard from The Slackers joins us to talk about their new projects, life on the road, and all things Slackers.

We got a ton of new music including an exclusive new Slackers dub you can download only at www.musicaloccupation.com

Enjoy the music and have a great week!


1 The Slackers – Crazy
2 King Django – Hey Bartender
3 K-Mob – Better Then Them
4 SeeSpot – Think It Over
5 Mighty Arawak Sound – Linstead Market
6 No.1 Station – Shes So Sweet
7 Dr. Ring Ding – Good Times
8 Channel 1 – Hum
9 Desorden Publico – Hipnosis
10 TSPO – Lighting Sword
11 Mr.T-Bone – President Of The Republic Of Bananas



12 Have The Time – Slack In Japan
13 Self Medication – Self Medication
14 Stars – Self Medication
15 Yer Still Blue – Boss Harmony Sessions
16 Eviction Dub *Exclusive*
17 Mash Down Babylon – Slackers & Friends

18 The Oldians – Sometimes (Feat. Rubén López)
19 Kingston Rudieska – Psychopath
20 Skavesa – Whiskey Take Away
21 The Dendrites – Street Walkin’
22 The Pinstripes – Come On In
23 Liam O’Kane – Taxi Man


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