Episode 139 Interviews with John Browns Body & Dubmatix

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Greetings Episode 139 is hosted by Andrew Barker and features interviews with Dubmatix and Tommy from John Brown’s Body. John Brown’s Body is releasing Re-amplify March 17th and it features remixes of there #1 album Amplify. So dig it. Also, alot of great ska tracks and a special appearance by Gabe Pressure!




Track List:

1. Strange Little Angel- The Moon Invaders

2. Armstrong- The Adjusters

3. Pussy Juice- The Cabrians

4. The Quest- Firebug

5. Keep Calling- The Midnights

6. Written In Stone- John Players Special

7. Push Some Air- John Brown’s Body

8. Your Voice- 10 Ft. Ganja Plant

9. Conquering Heart Dub-Blue King Brown & Chris Marco

10. The Gold- Dubmatix

11. Wishbone- Jackie Mittoo

12. Dub Phanatique- Dubmatix

13. Warning- Dubmatix

14. Struggling- John Brown’s Body

15. Uptown Rockers-Dubmatix

16. La Chica Mas Dulce- Los Granadians

17. One Minute Ska- Bluekilla

18. Two Too Many- Jimmy The Squirrel

19. Lyrics Architect- King Django

20. Sydney’s Dub- The Slackers


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