Episode 143: Stretching Out-An Interview With Dennis Alcapone


Download or Stream at www.musicaloccupation.com

Andrew Barker hosting this episode chop full a mix of reggae, soul, and whatever else I want to play. Also included is an interview with the legendary Dennis Alcapone. He covers his career and involvement in the Highrise campaign. So stop reading and start listening… Ya heard!




Track List:

1. That’s The Way Love Is- Slim Smith & The Uniques

2. Gone- The Delegators

3. Dreaming Of You- The Coral

4. Psycho- The Sonics

5. Be Mine Tonight- Deal’s Gone Bad

6. Angry Lady- Dave Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7

7. Alpha & Omega- Dennis Alcapone

8. Ital Girl- Dennis Alcapone

9. Version Rise -Dennis Alcapone

10. No More Guns, Love Is Easy- Dennis Alcapone

11. Seventh Day Dub- King Django

12. Why I Am a Rastaman- Culture

13. Bad Reaction- Culver City Dub Collective

14. Mini-Skirt- The Sleepwalkers

15. I Can’t Stop- The Notations

16. Too Late To Turn Back Now- Alton Ellis

17. Pedophilia- The Slackers

18. Waiting For My Man- Vic Ruggiero

19. Suburbia- Tremoflex9000

20. Lonely Nights- Vic Ruggiero (Ft. Lisa Mueller)

21. Bad Whiskey & Cocaine- David “Honeyboy” Edwards

22. Alright Again- Black Cat Zoot

23. Friday Night- No1 Station

24. Hum- Channel One

25. Footsoldier- The Steady Boys

26. It’s Gonna Be O.K.- The Aggrolites


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