Episode 144: Interview with Channel One From San Antonio, TX


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Gabe Pressure is back with another scorcher.

Get ready to shake that eye candy cuz I got some tunes that are sweet and dandy! You know what to do when I come around, let yourself go and follow this sound. We got a special guest by the name of Gerald Hooper and this ain’t no blooper, the man from the band called Channel One!

A country fried sound from San Antonio, Texas.

Don’t waste another minute, press that play button and get on innit!


1 The Reggae Boys – Ba Ba

2 Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Lonely Goat Herd Regay

3 Prince Buster – Dallas Texas

4 The Maytones – Billy Goat

5 Dennis Alcapone – Teach The Children

6 Toot and The Maytals – My New Name

7 Hot Rod All Stars – Return Of The Baldhead

8 Ken Boothe – Puppet On A String

9 Lord Tanamo – I Am Holding On

Channel One Interview and Music


10 Hum

11 Who Are We

12 Brother Brother

13 Guard Down

14 Jah

15 Till Its To Late

16 Let Her Run

17 Debt To Pay

18 The Heat Makers – Funky Wu Shu

19 Mr. Symarip – Wang Yu

20 No.1 Station – Jackie Chan

21 Upful Heights – Sakenomitai

22 Deals Gone Bad – Paid The Cost

23 Babylon Party Machine – Skinner Planes

24 Dr. Ring Ding – Friendly Fiyah

25 Bombtown – Next Finger

26 Hub City Stompers – Ska Train To Dorkville Preview

27 Hub City Stompers – Diamonds Of The Ruff

28 Sic and Mad – Devils and Snakes

29 King Django – Avenue A

30 Monkey – Hot Lunch


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