Slackers DVD Contest


We have one copy of the new Slackers DVD to giveaway. The winner will be chosen by a random drawing on April 25th, 2009 so enter to win right now!

25 of your favorite Slackers tunes spanning their entire career, it’s all here, the complete Slackers experience! You get Vic’s hilarious/room silencing rants, Glen Pine’s slinky dance moves, crazy fans jumping on the stage for some reason, and a damned good show in the process. Recorded in fabled Austin Texas. What more could you want? For fans old and new, another can’t miss from the Slackers!

1 Face In My Crowd
2 Feed My Girl
3 Eviction
4 I Still Love You
5 Keep Him Away
6 Body Double
7 Ska Boheme
8 Married Girl
9 No Love
10 This Is The Night
11 Dont You Want A Man Anymore?
12 Walking On
13 Worksong
14 What Went Wrong
15 Bin Waitin
16 Dont Forget The Streets
17 Keep It Simple
18 Wasted Days
19 Have The Time
20 Propaganda
21 Yes Its True
22 I’ll Stay Away
23 Pedophilia
24 Old Dog
25 Sarah

Who cares about contests you say? Got cash to spend?

Buy it now from


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