Keep your blood and just give Nate some feedback (you might win an ipod shuffle!!)

Greetings everyone!

I have been broadcasting my ska and reggae radio show 'Go Feet! Radio' on
Community Radio Hamilton (NZ) for 30 weeks now ... woohooo! I've received
much *support and feedback* from many around the globe. *Thank you* all for
your interest, promo music and friendship.

Community Radio Hamilton wants to know how I might be doing as a DJ and
generally what users think of CRH – what they like, what they don’t, and a
little about themselves. There's a link below to a survey, it only takes
about 5 minutes, and everyone that enters by *29 May* goes into the draw to
*win an iPod Shuffle!* I did the survey in 3 minutes!!! *Please* take a few
minutes to complete the survey, you just might win!

Thanks good peoples! Keep it locked to Go Feet! Radio during all of May for
NZ ska / reggae / dub music - it's NZ music month!.
-- Nate Taiapa (GO FEET! Radio) C/- Community Radio Hamilton PO Box 110 Hamilton New Zealand -- GO FEET! Radio

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