Episode 150: New Tune + Guest Happy From Sic & Mad

Download Or Stream <http://www.dancingmood.net/musicaloccupation/?p=1528>

We are back with a huge dose of  new ska, reggae, and punk rock to cure
Swine Flu, Frog Flu, and Dinosaur Flu! Helping me administer the musical
vaccine is Happy from the band Sic & Mad as we talk about the new
album on Stubborn Records <http://www.stubbornrecords.com/> called Songs For The Revolution.

We dicuss the bands music and history including knitty griity details of the
The Slackers early days. If you’re sick of all the crap out there, take a
listen cuz we got the right pills to set your brain correct amongst all the


1. Rhythm Doctors - Musical Doctor
2. The Drastics - Ever Ready
3. Boss 501 - Waste My Time
4. Flight 404 - Leaving On A Plane
5. The Pinstripes - Cool Whip
6. Hub City Stompers - Ska Ska Black Sheep
7. Bombtown - Pressure Drop Chop Shop
*Sic & Mad Interview and tunes*
8. Shopping For More
9. Smell Your Perfume
10. Rough
11. Wicked Drop
12. I’d Rather Fight
13. And Then
14. Like Boom
15. Devils  and Snakes
16. I Don’t Like You
17. Police Man
End Interview
18. Ranny Williams & the Hippy Boys - Summer Place
19. Westbound Train - If Only
20. Pressure Cooker - One Kind Of Love
21. The Bashments - Hong Kong Flu
22. Monkey - This Life
23. The Managers - Gangska
24. The Impalers - I Vampiri
25. The Orobians -
26. Ska Cubano - ¡ Ay Caramba !
27. The Aggrolites - Firecracker
28. The Upsessions - Right Way Of Loving

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