Episode 153: Cool Operators

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Here we go again with another episode full of new ska, reggae, rocksteady,
soul, and punk rock tunes! Andrew Barker and Gabe Pressure discuss some of
the newest releases and play some music they have had stuck in thier head
lately. Plus some special sneak peeks of music soon to be released. Turn it
up and let that pressure drop!


1. The Aggrolites - Feeling Alright-Album: IV

2. Pressure Cooker - You’re The One-Album:What She Wants

3. Westbound Train - So Many Things-Album: Come And GetIt

4. Rancid - Up To No Good-Album: Let The Domninoes Fall

5. See Spot - So Fine-Album: The Robbery

6. The Forthrights - Other People-Sneak Peak

7. The Steady Boys - What’s The Point-Album:Roots

8. Green Room Rockers - Reggae Revival-Sneak Peek

9. Deals Gone Bad - Nothing Else-Album: Large & In Charge

10. Pama International - Happenstance-New 45

11. No.1 Station - Jackie Chan-Album: Boss Beat

12 Maddie Ruthless - Funeral Dirge- Demo

13. Al Green - Funny How Things Change-Andrew’s I’m so smooth song

14. Hub City Stompers - Where;s My Hooligans-Album: Ska Ska Black Sheep

15. Matt Wixon - Season Finale-Response to the Open Season saga

Coming soon: Greg Lee/Hepcat Interview, Eastern Standard Time Interview, Mr.
Symarip Interview, Hepcat/Davefuentes Tribute 2, and a heap more.

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