Episode #037 Redstar 73 Records, 24 June 09

Episode #037 Redstar 73 Records, 24 June 09

Jan from Redstar 73 Records was so kind to send me some smooth ska and
reggae from Barcelona, Spain. I play some of it in this episode and I'm sure
I've mispronounced some of the band names and song titles, sorry! For more
info about Redstar 73 Records please visit http://www.redstar73.com/ or
e-mail: info (at) redstar73 (dot) com

Listen to this episode

1. UB40 feat Hunters - Reasons
2. The Kinky Koo Koos - Better Love
3. The Cabrians - Maximilliano Mallote Shoots First
4. The Orbians - Bike Baba
5. La Familia Torelli - Am I Black Enough For Ya
6. Contrtempo - Itaca Dub Remix
7. Maui and Remant - Katchafire's Colour Me Dub [NZ]
8. Black Uhuru - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
9. Burning Spear - Marcus Children Suffer
10. The Oldians - Smooth Taste
11. La Familia Torelli - In The Mood For Love
12. Contratempo - Push Push
13. Green Room Rockers - Cool Rocksteady
14. The Jamaicans with Tommy McCook and the Supersonics - Baba Boom
15. Hepcat - Keep On
16. Heather Howes - No Suprizes [NZ]
17. Andrew Diamond - Smile
[image: Good Night White Pride Logo]

'People don't care if you can't dance, just get up and dance!'

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