Episodes 158 & 159 and News

Hello Everyone,

We have been pretty busy lately and we are all in a nice groove. Two new
episodes are available this week featuring some great new and old
music.Daoster is back in action and man is has he got his musical arsenal
loaded!  Andrew has a nice interview with an up and coming band from Los
Angeles featuring members of The Allentons and Irie Beats called *The Titans

*Upcoming interviews on Pressure Drop*

We've been hard at work with another round of interviews with people from
around the world. Here;s a few that we have talked to so far and will have
ready for you to hear soon.

   - Vocalist Jennifer Davis of St. Peterberg Ska Jazz Review: Talks about
   life and ska/soul music in Russia.
   - Louis Correa label boss of Steady Beat Recordings talks to us about the
   90's California Ska/Reggae scene and the bands on his label.
   - J Bonner of Jandisc Records talks to us about his new single featuring
   Jah Faith "No Brother Grumble" and his latest goings on.
   - Claudia Yap (Laurel Aitken's step-daughter) talks to us about her
   current projects paying tribute to Laurel Aitken.
   - Toots Hibbert talks to Andrew Barker about his musical career.

More to come.
As always please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or requests
you may have.

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the new shows!



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