“TORO BRAVO” Lithuanian antifashist oi! band need help on tour in November 2009

Hi people,

We are making european tour for most known lithuanian antifashist oi! band
TORO BRAVO .We want to ask for a little help with some gigs in your

This is TORO BRAVO  tour's plan: (We can arrange everything differently)....

*11.16.* FR - Limoge, Woodstock Boggie bar

11.17*.* FR -

11.18. ES or FR -

*11.19.* GA - Ourence, pub "Swash"

*11.20.* GA - Ponte Vedra, Sugar&Salt bar"

11.21. ES -

*11.22.* CA - Barcelona, squat La PAPA

11.23. CA -

11.24. CA -

*11.25.* FR - Marseille @ O'Bundies

So, as you can see, we need your help. If you can help us with one or few of
these dates, it would be really great! Or maybe you can share with us some
contacts who can help us.....

*Here is some info about band:....*

TORO BRAVO is a streetpunk band. It is the first streetpunk band in ex-USSR.
Started in early ..97 and released 6 full length albums.Band used to play in
many countries all around europe.Either it was open air festival....

or small squat party.TORO BRAVO made over 300 shows with more or less known
different sort bands.   ....

This year band released last one, 6th album called „Skausmas nieko
nereiskia" . People talkin its the best in bands history.Most carrying on
good old oi! with some ska elements and punky riffs.....

You can check new songs out at http://www.myspace.com/torobravooiand order a
copy at pasidarykpatsrecords@gmail.com<http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vcGFzaWRhcnlrcGF0c3JlY29yZHNAZ21haWwuY29t>

*About band conditions and needs:....*

As I've already told, TORO BRAVO  - 4 musicians + 2 roadie(s), it means 6
people at all.....

TORO BRAVO got a whole backline with themselves (whole drum set, guitar amp
+ cabinet, and bass amp + cabinet), so they only need PA for vocal and 3
mic, 2 with stands. ( they got one monitor which may be used as a frontline
in small venues )....

TORO BRAVO  needs food, drinks and sleeping places for 6 people. And if it's
possible, it would be helpfull to get some money , couse we need money for
gas and  van rent.....

Anyways the most important gain for band is playing in new countries, always
meeting new & interesting people, and having fun!....

Thanx a lot for your answer and eventual help!....

Take care and cheers!....


-- Andrius Kulvinskas | Vadovas | Viešoji įstaiga „PASIDARYK PATS records“ E-mail: pasidarykpatsrecords@gmail.com Phone: +37068372038 Web: http://www.pasidarykpatsrec.ten.lt Skype: pasidarykpats ICQ: 395380521 MSN: pasidarykpatsrecords@windowslive.com Space: http://www.myspace.com/pasidarykpats

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