Interview Community Records

Short interview with Community Records. A Ska and Punk record label from New Orleans.

1. Please tell us more about the philosophy behind the label.

The main idea behind our label is to create a platform for our friends and for ourselves to release music we like. We want to do this in a way that breaks down as many barriers as possible between the artists and the listeners. The best way we have found to do this is by giving the majority of our music away for free. We do vinyl and CDs and band merch for mailorder, but we would rather people be able to hear our music than feel pressured into or obligated to pay for it.

The other thing we are trying to push with our label is the genres of ska and punk. We are currently doing a lot of ska-core. I hope/ think that we will do much more of that in the future. I also want to do more traditional ska and reggae, straight punk, experimental music, or any thing else that has heart that we feel we can stand behind.

2. What will be the future of the music industry?

Your guess is as good as ours.
To a certain extent, we don’t really care. I feel like the music “industry” is something we’ve never wanted to truly be a part of. We just want to do our own thing our own way. The word/ idea of “industry” is creating a product. Maybe I am naive,  I would like to think that what we do is more important than creating and selling a product. Music to me has always been more about positively effecting other peoples lives. That can be done through selling a record, but I think there is a better chance of doing that by saying hello to a stranger at a show.

3. Any up comming projects you working on?

We are about to release a 7 inch for Stuck Lucky from Nashville, TN. They do really fast paced punk with ska core. They are some of my best friends. We will be releasing the last album for The Flaming Tsunamis from Connecticut. They do mostly experimental music and metal, but they have horns/ keyboards and occasionally throw in some ska elements. We are also doing some touring and have plans for a big street festival called BLOCK PARTY in New Orleans on April 17th 2010. That will be our 3rd time doing this festival. Last year it brought in a total of 700 people.

4. What does DIY mean to you?

Not expecting someone else to come along and make your dreams come true. We all have to fight for ourselves and not expect some “big break” or savior to come along. It also means fighting for your friends and putting your faith in strangers who have chosen the  path as yourself. By doing that we can hopefully create a community of trust amongst individuals across the planet.

5. Any last words?

Thanks to any one who took the time to read this or to check out our label/ music. We do our best to communicate with everyone who contacts us. We want our label/ ideas to be inclusive to your thoughts, so please send them our way:

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