SALA RAZZMATAZZ 2 – A las 20.00 h.

Entradas anticipadas 20 euros en Daily Records y Revolver
Online en www.kulturalive.com – Entradas en taquilla a 24 Euros

HFMN CREW tiene el honor de empezar el año con una noticia sorprendente, HATEBREED realizara su único club show en el sur de Europa el viernes 19 de febrero en la sala RAZZMATAZZ 2 de Barcelona.
Esta fecha será la unica que el grupo realizara en el 2010 en España, Portugal y Sur de Francia.
El grupo llega a Barcelona después de casi 9 años sin pisar la ciudad, la última ocasión fue teloneando a Sepultura el año 2001.
El grupo esta en su mejor momento tal y como pudimos comprobar el pasado junio cuando encabezaron el festival KOBETASONIC en Bilbao.
Llegan presentando su  homónimo ultimo álbum editado a finales del 2009 que junto a su álbum de versiones “For The Lions” y un DVD han hecho del 2009 el año mas activo del grupo.
Ya sabes si no quieres perderte el grupo que invento el Metal-Core hace ya 15 años, el viernes 19 de febrero no te pierdas su visita en la Sala Razzmatazz de Barcelona

Grammy-nominated. Respected by peers. Revered by fans. An unstopable force. Tougher than a prison yard. Architects of positive, uplifting anthems that require and demand crowd participation. That’s Hatebreed, top to bottom, back to front.
This Connecticut hardcore/metal institution has been demolishing its way around the globe since 1994. Not many bands can enjoy that kind of longevity, but Hatebreed have made “being a career band” look easy. They’ve endured typical band “issues” like changing members and record labels, but through it all, they’ve never compromised and never looked back, instead choosing to charge ahead and make the most brutal, boot-to-the-teeth music they can.
And here they are, 15 years into their storied career, which includes four stints on the quintessential summer tour Ozzfest, racking up more appearances than any other band other than Ozzy himself; there are countless magazine covers (including a forthcoming issue of American metal Bible, Revolver); a Grammy nomination for “Live For This” from 2004’s The Rise of Brutality; a debut album, Satisfaction is the Death of Desire, that is considered a classic release by fans and critics alike; a front-man who was invited to serve as the first host of the exhumed Headbanger’s Ball on MTV2; and countless fans who hail from all walks of life. Go to a Hatebreed show and you’ll see dudes, girls, and casual metal fans with a soft spot for Hatebreed. Hatebreed’s music is like a universal language that so many speak and comprehend.
Despite all the accolades, the rich history and the band’s keen ability to remain relevant deep into the second decade of its career, Hatebreed refused to rest on their laurels for Hatebreed, their fifth proper studio album, not counting 2009’s For The Lions, which found the band flexing its creative muscles and covering influences such as Slayer, Misfits, Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags and Sepultura! The band retains the same headspace from For The Lions, by confidently trying new things and attempting different things to result in fresh, unexpected sounds.
For Hatebreed, former guitarist Wayne Lozniak returns to the fold and the band inked a new record deal with E1 Entertainment for U.S. and Canada and Roadrunner International for the rest of the world. This flurry of activity has infused the band with new life and a renewed sense of energy and as a result, everything about Hatebreed is bigger, stronger and louder. It’s like the band has been rejuvenated by all these changes. After 15 years of brutality, the music is fuller, more technical and Hatebreed finds the quintet boldly going to new places. The results are beyond impressive and the risk has yielded a greater reward.
It’s clear from all the different and new elements on Hatebreed that this band, who has seen and done it all within their genre, has had the courage to test their creative limits and exceed them , by trying new things, such as more pronounced, technical guitar work and through Jasta’s vocal prowess. But the band never sacrifices the ultra-aggressive music in order to try new things. The band took risks and the dividends will be reaped once fans hear Hatebreed.


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