Interview No. 1 Station June 2011

Redstar73 Blog: How was your experience with the famous Blue Beat Records? Any chance to get all songs on one CD?
Marcus Downbeat: The Blue Beat project was fabulous. An acheivement that I’m very proud of. I am hoping that the tracks will be compiled on a CD and iTunes later this year, watch out for The Blue Beat Sessions album.

Redstar73 Blog: Please could you tell us more about the ‘We are the rulers’ project.
Marcus Downbeat: We Are The Rulers was a fun project for the World Cup. We had great success with the song, winning two national radio competitions. The tune would have been massive had the England team not been so rubbish.

Redstar73 Blog: Do you have any plans to come to Europe this year?
Marcus Downbeat: I’d love to come to Europe – particularly Barcelona. Contacts needed for tour of Spain….any ideas?

Redstar73 Blog: You went on tour with Roxy Music in January. How was the reaction by the people and any funny stories to tell?

Marcus Downbeat: The Roxy Music tour was a real pinnacle of our career. We played the biggest venues in the UK to incredibly massive crowds. It went down really well and we got a great response from every gig we played.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words?!
Marcus Downbeat: No.1 Station sending out a message of peace and love to all music lovers. We look forward to playing in Spain as soon as possible. One love.

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