Interview with Agent Jay

Redstar73 Blog: Seems like you are quite busy latley. Please introduce the Reggay Lords.
Agent Jay: REGGAY LORDS are myself, Lord Honorable Jah Point (The Facts, ex-Equilibrians, ex-Coldspot 8), Lord Wright (The Forthrights), Lord Philip I (Coolie Ranx, Rudie Crew, ex-Stubborn All-Stars, ex-Radiation Kings), Don Juan de Cardenas (The Hard Times) and Lord Donnelly (The Hard Times). We’re just finishing some tunes we recorded at Ticklah’s studio in Brooklyn which will be out late summer.

Redstar73 Blog: And you have another project going. Whats about the Facts?

Agent Jay: THE FACTS is a Punk band I have with Jah Point (vocals), Brukky Dan (guitar/vocals). Chris EastRev (A-Truth) was drumming for us but he’s too busy these days to keep doing it. We’re looking for someone new. I get to play bass, which I like but it’s much harder than playing guitar. We have some tunes on facebook/reverb nation. We didn’t go into it trying to sound like any certain band but we gravitated toward a hard, fast Dead Kennedys/Minor Threat/MDC kind of sound.

Redstar73 Blog: Any news from the Crazy Baldhead camp? Any new recordings?
Agent Jay: Last year I put out 2 CRAZY BALDHEAD releases: THE REGGAE WILL NOT BE TELEVISED (7 song EP + 6 older tunes available for download at and TOO MUCH TECHNOLOGY b/w JUST A MAN 7″ (available at I have a few new tunes in the works that I have to find time to finish. Some are very trad Skatalites style Ska instrumentals and a couple are skinhead Reggae. We recorded to tape at Ticklah’s with only 2 mic’s to give it an old, live band room sound. I’m really happy with the sounds we got. They should be out by year’s end.

Redstar73 Blog: What is your main band doing? You are just back from a short tour in California, right?
Agent Jay: THE SLACKERS just finished a 4 show run in southern California. We have a new release about to drop. “THE RADIO” is a record of cover tunes from the 60’s – 80’s we did in a distinctly Slackers style. We recorded the basic tracks at Lovelite Studio in Berlin and did overdubs at my place (CB Studio) in Brooklyn and Vic’s place in Jersey. There’s a Japanese version and 7″ vinyl being pressed. The U.S. version will have a few extra tunes. It’s being put out by WHATEVSKI.ORG. It’ll be available for download too.

Redstar73 Blog: Anything else going on?
Agent Jay: There’s lots more going on. I’ve been doing a series of underground Reggae parties called ‘DIRTY REGGAE PARTY’ here in Brooklyn for 2 years. It’s become a launching pad for a whole new crop of Rocksteady/Reggae/Ska etc bands from Brooklyn/NYC that’s separate from the established ‘NYC Ska’ scene. To showcase this scene, the bands involved are putting out a ‘BROOKLYN ROCKSTEADY’ compilation in coordination with a documentary by the same name by Sam Gursky.
Also, I have another side band with VIC RUGGIERO and ARA BABAJIAN (both of The Slackers). It’s a Punk/Reggae/2 Tone trio we do for fun. We do some Slackers tunes in a more Rock or Mod style, plus old covers of New York Dolls, Bob Marley, Dion, Johnny Thunders. Very fun! We also recorded at Ticklah’s. His studio has become the ‘sound’ of our scene. He gets great old 60’s/70’s sounds.


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