Bottlejob – Antifascist Oi from London

Redstar73 Blog: Please introduce your band.

Bottlejob are as follows:
Vocals – Phil
Guitar – Xabi
Bass – Egoitz
Drums – Ibon (though our good friend Bram from the Restarts was our
drummer for a few years and recorded our recent album).

We’ve been playing for about ten years now, with two albums, a split
single with the Young Ones, and a few tracks for various compilation

(e.g. our version of Magistrate for an Oppressed tribute cd).

I’m (Phil) from London, though I have Irish family, and the rest of the
band are from the Basque country.

Egoitz and Xabi have been living in London since they were teenagers.
Unfortunately Egoitz supports West Ham, unfortunate for Egoitz that is.
Ahem. Come on you Spurs!

Redstar73 Blog: You have a new CD out on Casual Records. Why did you change from Rebellion Records?
Bottlejob: Our first CD was with Rebellion Records and they did a very good job
of promoting it and getting it all around the world. There’s no real
reason for the change of labels we just tend to go with whoever shows
the most interest. We had just recorded a number of songs when Casual
contacted us and asked if we would be interested in doing a release with
them. Also we like the fact that Casual make a point of releasing punk
music with integrity and take a stand against fascism. We’re not
interested in the messed up politics that seem to be rampant throughout
a Europe where hitler and stalin lovers seem to dominate a supposed
rebellious music scene…but we think it’s important to make clear that
any kind of fascism or authoritarianism is not welcome. As we say in one
of our songs, life’s too short for all the dick waving that goes on.

Redstar73 Blog: Your music reminds me of the Blaggers. Are they an influence for you?
Bottlejob: We have played gigs with the Blaggers, we have often played Antifa UK
benefit gigs but I wouldn’t say we sound the same. We don’t use
trumpets, keyboards or samplers… just the usual guitars and drums. I
grew up in the early nineties listening to the Blaggers and I often
related to their working class no nonsense approach to life. I liked
their antifascist stance and their hate of the state. I didn’t really
relate to the ‘red’ thing, I think Crass and Conflict had already put me
off the left and right in punk music. While I despise the right-wingers,
many left-wingers aint much better. Like the Who said, “meet the new
boss, same as the old boss.” I liked the Blaggers because they seemed to
be housing estate kids like me and because they made smashing the nazis
sound like fun, and necessary.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future? Any shows in Europe?

Bottlejob: At the moment we’re thinking of doing a 7 inch single. We have some
new songs and also some we haven’t ever recorded. As Bram is quite busy
with other bands we now have Ibon playing drums for us and we want to
make a record with him in the near future. We also had a break of
playing for over a year and we’re almost ready to start playing gigs
with Ibon. We may do some unannounced gigs in London over the summer but
other than that we’re just getting songs ready. We’ve had to say no to
some requests to play but it’s possible we may end up playing in Europe
in the autumn. Possibly France and Germany as we have offers to play in
Stuttgart and Nancy at the moment. Also we may be playing with Hardskin
in December but that’s it for the moment.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words!
Bottlejob: Thanks for the interview and good luck with the blog.
Thanks to the working class punks, skins, squatters, nonconformists and
rebels who continue to keep our music alive.
Thanks also to the spirit of anarchy; as they used to say: be realistic,
demand the impossible!

Get their latest CD here:

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