Smooth Beans – At Low Fyah Interview

Redstar73 Blog: Please introduce your band. band history? band members?
Smooth Beans: We are a band from Cantabria, northern Spain. We play late 60s and early 70s sounds from Jamaica, mostly Rocksteady and Reggae. Our first gig as Smooth Beans was on Saturday 13th September 2008, three years ago. During this time we came up with a 45′ single call “Cantabria’s Finest” (sold out already) and the LP “At low Fyah”.
Smooth beans are: Fran Ceballos (lead guitar & backing vocals), Javier Mas (bass & backing vocals)), Ufo (drums), Alfonso Alonso (Keyboards), Juanra Gómez (percussion & backing vocals) and me, Rudy King (vocals & guitar).
Redstar73 Blog: How was the feedback for your first album “At Low Fyah!”?
Smooth Beans: Was really great and surprising, you know? And we are still getting a very good response for the album. The first edition on vinyl was sold out, after a three months period, for example. Now it´s available to the public a second edition and it’s doing well too. It’s a great feeling for independent artists like us, every step requires a big effort and we want to thank all people who bought the album and all the people who support us in our gigs.
Redstar73 Blog: You have recorded the album at A-Lone studio with Roberto Sánchez. How was the experience?
Smooth Beans: It’s motivating, artistically speaking, you understand? Roberto is a very nice and kind person but he turn really serious, very professional when working. He really push the band to search deep inside itself and give their best. It was very important for the development of the recording and it’s responsible for a great part in the succes of this album. That’s the way I feel about it.
Redstar73 Blog: Have you planned any new recordings?
Smooth Beans: Well, we want to go back to the studio and record new material for a couple of singles and, of course, a new LP. We are preparing new songs, at the moment.
The band is really happy with the way things have been going so you can expect more of Smooth Beans in the near future.
Redstar73 Blog: Last words!
Smooth Beans: Thank you for take the time and do the interview. Good luck with the fanzine and record label. If someone wants to keep in touch with us you can write to or visit . For booking contact or purchase our records you can visit Big Up Red Star 73!

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