Hoodska Explosive Interview

Redstar73 Blog: How long is the band together, and how did it all come about?
Ido: the band has been together for 8 years now,but in these years some people have come and go…a bass player/singer named haggai zehavi started it,he called me and some other
friends that we knew,and there it was…unfortunatlly for us,haggai had moved on and now we have a new wonderful bass player named perty(guy ron)
good time to interduce the guys:
benon matalon-guitar(we call him bootzkey)
lior romano-keyboards
alon shacham-tenor sax
nimrod talmon-trombone
guy ron-bass
ido blaustein-drums
Redstar73 Blog: What have the band release to date?
What’s next for the band, recording wise?

Ido: we’ve realesed a debut double album on 2006,one cd is songs with lyrics,and the other one is instrumental(scoop:the instrumental one was recorded live in a cave,in 5days…)
we’re currently working on new material for our next album,hopefully we’ll make it within a year.
Redstar73 Blog: Can you tell us more about the Ska and Reggae scene in Tel Aviv and in Israel?
Ido: israel’s reggae and ska scene is as small as israel-really….
but a few good acts to name:
los caparos-israeli/russian crew playing good reggae and ska
zvoolon dub system-good and deep reggae and dub
Redstar73 Blog: Any chance of a tour in europe?
Ido: we toured europe once,three years,it was really good,and hopefully we’ll come back with the new album realease.
Redstar73 Blog: Last words?!
Ido: we play and pray for peace in the middle east,
may we get to see it soon!!
jah love


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