Scandal in the Ten Kate Market act III – Flavio Bacardi’s birthday bash-becue 14/7/2012

Reggae Recipe and Planet Rose join their hands together in the name of their common passion: Jamaican music and Jamaican food!
The recipe is simple and extremely tasty: dining all together from 19:00 and dancing all together from 22:00 to 3:00 to the vintage Jamaican sounds of Flavio, Carlo and special guests Dave Mack (The Cool Off – Sheffield, UK) and Flood & Champian (Skaville to Hitsville, South London) treated with free Jamaican snacks from the Planet Rose kitchen, ensuring a fantastic night with a pleasantly mixed crowd.

Next to the regular daily menu you can choose for a SET MENU for ONLY 15 EURO (17 for fish)!
And the cake is on Flavio, of course 😉

Bookings for the dinner run through Reggae Recipe at

If you don’t fancy dining or you’re too late in booking your seat (only 40 available) you can just turn up after the dinner. The entry is free and the Jamaican nibbles too! 😉


Reggae Recipe Amsterdam
“Showtime ladies and gentlemen, we don’t want this thing to be a drag!!!”


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