Rude Interview

Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce yourself to our readers.Rude: hola Redstar crew , i am Rude hi fi (real name is luca ) i am italia in Bologna , but grow up in germany ,and than started singing Punk rock ska in 1984 with my band Ghetto , after seeing The Clash in concert,than many many concerts as Rudeman, Barriobeat etc,,,,,i had enough nicknames & rude boy life :)and had the honour to be friend with Laurel Aitken,worked with Alton Ellis & other jamaican cats.-

Redstar73 Blog: Back in 1984 you started a punk band in Italy. Can you tell us more about Ghetto84?Rude: Ghetto 84 was my band back in the days, when kids came together to play loud punk rock , to avoid criminality,drugs & street shit.–we were produced d& helped by Nabat, who was from Bologna,and are true legends of the italian punk rock scene.–Ghetto 84 was influenced by punk rock, skinhead reggae & hooliganism, we all listened to Cockney Rejects,Trojan records & still are hardcore fans of Bologna Football club , in north italy we had a lot of fans in genova, rome & bologna.-Banda bassotti´s label made our first record & then in 1995 we split & I decided to go solo.-

Redstar73 Blog: You have lived in Barcelona for a few years. What have you done there? Were you involved in any bands?Rude: untill 2003 i was playing as mc & dj for Roy Paci & Aretuska wich was a great latin ska band , then i emigrated to Barcelona to play with La Kinky Beat for 3 years.- In Barcelona i had good time as it was a very healty & live music scene , not boring & expensive as now.–i toured all the world,and made 2 solo cds wich were influenced by jamaican music ,beats,some electronic & strong lyrics & made great great friends as Manu Chao ,Fermin Muguruza who are my same age & often called me to perform with them due to my stage presence i guess:) they called me “la Fiera” (ndr the lion)–
i also was part of La Maquina, which is great rock n roll band from Girona ,but in the meantime i want to go back to my roots and play the music i really love as dirty reggae, fast soul & skinhead reggae.-

Redstar73 Blog: what are you doing now? Any new musical projects?Rude: now in2012 , i live in Dresden & keep on djing a lot in japan,mexico & europe & also i have my own band now RUDEMAM y los NEWTOWN ROCKERS , with some very good musicians of Dresden ( from the great Saloon Soldiers & Erich from Robert & the Roboters )—we played some festivals in germany & response was GOOD, people still like to see aggro reggae & ska live with a strong live presence ,we are making our first lp & i really love my band , cos they play real tight, punky ,soul dirty boss reggae!!!!!

Redstar73 Blog: Last wordsRude: last words ??….keep on pushing your music & style rude boys & girls , never let u going down with paranoia & shit & try to enjoy yourself , fuck off to all racists & conservative wankers -&….support your music : …for me going on stage … still makies me horny:) sooo come to see Newtown Rockers & support the labels like Redstar , cos we are doing it right!!!.ee you !! rude hi fi


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