The Frightnrs – Rocksteady, Reggae & Early Dancehall inna the finest NYC fashion

Redstar73 Blog: Please introduce your band to our readers.
the FRIGHTNRS: We are the FRIGHTNRS from New York City, residing in Queens & Brooklyn. Our current foundation consists of four musicians: Dan Klein (Vocals), Chuck Patel (Organ/Piano), Preet Patel (Bass, Vocals), and Rich Terrana (Drums, Vocals). We have been playing and writing together for over 3 years and worked hard to have a strong NYC following, and even harder to achieve such an authentic vintage sound with huge jamaican influence

Redstar73 Blog: You guys have just released an EP. Recorded by Agent Jay and Ticklah. Tell us more about it.
the FRIGHTNRS: Well ever since we started playing shows Agent Jay (the Slackers, Crazy Baldhead) has been a huge support & motivation to us. He told us after seeing us play just a few shows that we need to get into the studio and record these tracks. We thought we weren’t quite ready for awhile so we kept practicing and playing as many shows as possible until a point came where Jay told us we shouldn’t wait any longer. He also introduced us to the idea of recording with Victor “Ticklah” Axelrod. Victor is an amazing independent producer and musician. While we knew his reputation, we could not have truly prepared ourselves for how insightful and well-matched Victor was for our band and our sound – recording, engineering, and sort of coaching us along the way, never losing patience, always encouraging. It was a great learning experience for all of us and made us stronger as a band, in addition to allowing us to become comfortable in a studio setting while tracking the album. There was chemistry between everyone in the room right off the bat. After tracking at Ticklah’s, the long process of over-dubbing, mixing, and otherwise finalizing the tracks began with Agent Jay. Equally patient and encouraging, he worked with us throughout the next year to get a sound we all were happy with, and even performed some percussion for a couple of the tracks. After all our work we realized we just want to spread the music to the people that would appreciate it, free of charge. Someone who is into vintage Jamaican music and would be proud and happy to hear that – the sound we are trying to replicate – while at the same it’s an original, entirely new creation from right out of New York City.

Redstar73 Blog: Could you explain the lyrics of the song “Zombieland”?
the FRIGHTNRS: The lyrics are sort of a playful warning about the dangers of conformity or falling into the cycle of consumerism. We are trying to open the eyes of people who are living without thinking, just buying material goods, working their job, watching the most popular television shows, etc. The lyrics imply these people are ‘zombies,’ that even the people in governance of the people are zombies themselves, slaves to the plague of greed as a zombie is a slave to the virus in its brain or however zombies work, I’m not sure myself.

Redstar73 Blog: Whats coming in the future? More recordings? Any chance to see you in Europe?
the FRIGHTNRS: Right now the plans are to tour around the US in the next coming year. We are already working with Vic again but this time he is handling all aspects of the recordings (tracking, producing, mixing, etc.) We already know what some of the recordings sound like as we develop them, and we’re excited to say they are at an even higher level of authenticity and strength than this past EP, showcasing our improved musicianship as much as Ticklah’s expertise in forging tough reggae sounds with us. We’re growing tighter as a band and we have big things planned for the next year. We would all love to be in Europe/ it is a dream of ours and hopefully we are on the right path for that.

Redstar73 Blog: Whats going on in the New York reggae scene?
the FRIGHTNRS: The NYC Reggae scene is amazing. We are flourishing by the months and new acts are constantly coming out or intermingling, providing all of us a welcoming and refreshing scene in which to perform and thrive. We’ve got our other NY veterans that have been playing the scene as just as long, if not longer than us; like our good friends the Forthrights, the Hardtimes, and Top Shotta Band. Summer time is always good for reggae anywhere I believe and this passed summer seemed to really top it off. Not only do we have bands that play all around NY but great Selectors that host events all the time. It’s a great time for our sound and for this rather robust scene, and we’re grateful for all of the people and factors that have made it such a pleasant, exciting, and fulfilling experience.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words?!
the FRIGHTNRS: Well as I mentioned, we do have an EP we recorded last summer out for free right now. You can download that at and I would also urge the readers to visit our website often because we have a lot of suprises coming in the near future including free shows and more new releases as well as collaborations with other brooklyn up and coming artists! Thanks for the support!

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