Interview King Django

King Django
Redstar73 Blog: You have just released a new album, ‘Anywhere I Roam’. Could you tell us
more about it? When was it recorded? Who was involved?

King Django: This album of collaborations with a huge cast of my talented friends was assembled from recordings made over many years in many different and far-flung studios, most of it done in chunks with no set agenda. I later assembled and finished it at my home base, Version City. Working on it brought back many wonderful memories of my travels over the years and of the very interesting, kind-hearted, generous and warm characters with whom I have had the privilege of creating these tracks. Many of these fine folks have taken me into their homes, and many of them have spent considerable time here at Version City as well. They are all certainly my friends for life, and we have all been
united by our love of music, especially the classic sounds of Jamaica.
May our love of good people, good music and words of positivity, upliftment and encouragement reach across to you through these sounds; may you enjoy listening to these tunes as much as we enjoyed creating
them especially for you.
There are about 9 different rhythm sections on the album including Soul Syndicate, the Void Union, The Forthrights, PASO, Regatta 69 and Soul Captives, and loads of other crazy talented friends of mine like
Obi Fernandez and Rich Graiko of Westbound Train, Jason Glaser of Stubborn All-Stars.

Redstar73 Blog: Was there ever one concert that just sticks out as being the best show you have played?
King Django: Not really, I just love to play music. I can have a lot fun just playing with my friends in someone’s living room, basement or backyard!
If the band plays well and I feel good about my performance, that’s a great show. If there is an appreciative audience, regardless of size (although, of course, the more the merrier), that is obviously a

Redstar73 Blog: Whats going on with your studio,version city? Anything new is coming up? There must be a lot of great music waiting for a release. Are there any future releases in the works?
King Django: There’s just always more stuff than I can even get to! I’ve already got about 80% of the tunes for another King Django album. And I still haven’t finished the Roots & Culture 2 album. Also piled up in the queue now: Hub City Stompers album, Dr Ring Ding Album, Version City Rockers “Fortitude Riddim” album, etc etc!

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
King Django: I have been really into playing more shows and getting back out on the road. I’ve stayed home a lot for a long time, and I realize that I feel best when I am touring!

Redstar73 Blog: When are you coming back to europe for a tour?
King Django: Hopefully coming back this year!!! I will keep you posted!

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
King Django: Keep the faith and spread it around!


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