Autonomads Interview

Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started?
Autonomads: We are Robbie, Perkie, Iain, Eliot, Paul. We are based in Manchester UK (most of us, most of the time!) We started in 2007, since that we have had a few lineup changes, always Anarchist always Antifacist always DIY. We play a mix of dub-punk-ska, influenced by 90’s bands such as RDF, P.A.I.N AK47’s and early anarch stuff CRASS et al.

Redstar73 Blog: How important is politics for you?

Autonomads: It depends which way the word/concept ‘politics’ is understood. Ultimately our desires and ideas lie beyond the smokescreen of politics. Our goal is freedom for all things, but we are forced to understand ourselves with the framework that history, the media and the state provide. People act as autonomous human beings in many aspects of their lives, arguably these interactions exist beyond politics, or at least what politicians tell us what politics is! If politics is anti-hierarchical, anti-patriarchal, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, anarchist on the other hand, then yes, politics is central to our lives.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
Autonomads: We have just recently had a lineup change, Perkie has joined the band on Keybaords and vocals. She does her own solo stuff too, Iain and Ekiot are both in Blackstar Dub Collective so everyone is quite busy with other projects.
We are recording a new album next week (mid August) called ‘Everything Now!’. We are not doing as many gigs and festivals as we have done in previous years. We have a few gigs with UK Anarcho-Ska band Culture Shock in Autumn. We will be doing a UK tour later in the year, and next year backto the mainland, maybe Spain??!

Redstar73 Blog: You have played in Greece. Please tell us more about your experience there.
Autonomads: We met some really great people over there and made some strong connections. We were over there when the Anarchist radio station had just been shut down and a huge demonstration happened as a result of the states’ attempt to censor all independent media. People have completely rejected any notion of state reform, we agreed that here in England, maybe we still have too much to lose. We have a social security system and state housing
(for some..) but in Greece, all out war has been waged on the people. The anarchists we met were very open, warm people and we exchanged a lot of stories.
We played a gig over there with Oi Polloi and Blackstar Dub Collective, it was a benefit for VOX Social Centre in Exarchia, Athens – This place is central for anarchist organisation in Athens, they are currently collecting money for Greek anarchist prisoners such as Kostas Sakkas.
While we were there, a friend (UK) from the band we were touring with was arrested, kept in a cell, taunted by police. He was later charged and has to return to Greece for another hearing later on this year. His crime was, carrying an offensive weapon. In actual fact, he had a camping knife, while he was camping on a beach just outside of the city. What really happened is, the cops didn’t like the look of him, arrested him and decided his crime later..
It was a hell of an experience, we made some good friends, keep up to date with the news from Greece at

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
Autonomads: Cheers to Redstar73 for being involved with the release of No Mans Land.
Thanks for the interview. (A) X


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