Interview with Neco – Tango 14 and Recuerda tus Raíces Fanzine

Redstar73 Blog: You are playing in the band Tango14. When did you guys started? Tell us the band story.
Neco: Tango 14 started in 2005, in the suburb of Boulogne, in the northern part of the province of Buenos Aires. The boys were playing five years, released an album “Un Abrazo para Tango 14” (2008), after a few lineup changes, only followed in the band Tomas (vocals) and Fernando (Bass).
In 2010, I became to play the guitar with Adrian who started to play the drums. We knew Juanjo by playing in his rehearsal room, the glorious Salas Qhispikay, he enter the band at the end of that year. And that’s the line up to this day. A band of friends that played Oi! music.
We recorded an album in 2012, “Esto Es Nuestro”, and we were lucky to play in some Argentine cities like Mendoza, Rosario, San Luis, Cordoba, a lot in Buenos Aires (city and province) and to travel to Brazil (Sao Paulo) and Uruguay (Montevideo).
We like the Oi! classic bands (Cockney Rejects, Angelic Upstarts, Blitz, Nabat, Garotos Podres, 4 Skins-the old-, Cock Sparrer, Sham 69, Decibelios -the old-) and the old Argentineans Punk bands like Violadores, Attaque 77 -first releases- , 2 Minutos, Mal Momento, etc.).

Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for the Tango14, any new releases on the Horizon..?
Neco: We arrived to play in Uruguay this weekend with our friends of Antibanda, very good guys. We are recording a new album with some new songs (“Loca Obsesión”, “Es mi vida”, “Che Barrabrava”, “Argentina”, “En la Barra del Bar”, “Los Mala Leche”), some old songs (“Que se Manejen”, “Brasil 2014”, “Recordar”) and a cover of 2 Minutos (“Copetin al Paso”).
I hope we can finish the album this year, we are very lazy haha. We are not professional musicians, nor do we want to be. Plans for the future are to play, drink and have fun.

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in Argentina? Seems like you have lot of great bands like Staya Staya or the Aggrotones.
Neco: Mmm, the scene in Argentina the scene in Argentina is still small but is growing a lot in the last 7 or 8 years. La Cultura del Barrio, a cultural center that is in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo, helped a lot to make people aware of as it was our scene. There are small groups with relation to each other, but not if you could say it’s the same scene. Staya Staya, is the best Ska band of the country, Aggrotones are excellent but have little to do with them except me.
There are many good bands out there like Espíritu Callejero, Los Proletas, Los Disckolos, Los Mareados, Ración Doble, Que Risa!!, El Desagüe and Terapia Intensiva (all good bands Oi! and Punk with clear ideas). And also good bands playing Jamaican music as Los Casettes, No Hay tu Tía, Avellaneda Ska Club, Ambassador, Satélite Kingston, Skadicts Foundation, Rustic Mode, El Golpe and Sombrero Club.
I personally respect people who takes charge of the Skinhead culture, which for years was filthy and manipulated by people of shit. I would like SHARP reach throughout the country. (it´s my personal opinion)

Redstar73 Blog: Tell us about your fanzine. How many issues have you done?
Neco: The fanzine started in 2006, with my great friend Juanfa (now bassist of Staya Staya). We were very often see Ska gigs, we’re very into the Skinhead scene in Buenos Aires, so we decided to start the Recuerda Tus Raíces. After the first three numbers, he decided to devote himself to working with some things leaving to me the “responsibility”.
In these nine years we release fourteen issues, and the next month I hope that the fifteen issue will be on the streets. Fanzines are an essential tool for any street scene, around here there are not many (En la Cancha se Ven los Pingos, La Fuerza de los de Abajo, Skatan, etc.). It is a taste that occasionally can give me keep doing Recuerda Tus Raíces.

Redstar73 Blog: Any other projects? You dan’t wanna start a record label?
Neco: Projects… now find a job hehe, because recently left unemployed. Would be great to start a label, I have much respect for labels like Redstar 73, Liquidator, Grover, and whoever fights for the street music  El Paso, Jewells/Red Head Man, Interrogator, etc. Here we only have Una Isla Club Records, a label run by an old friend, El Chino, that edits Jamaican music and Union y Difusión, a label run by Adrian (Tango 14) that who co-edited a lot of much music of different styles.
Ah!, and some guys of La Cultura del Barrio are running a pirate label of bootlegs with good presentation and low prices.

Redstar73 Blog: Last Words
Neco: Thanks Jan, for the space. When I get ready, I’ll send you copies of the fanzine!!  Long live the people trying to keep alive his scene, maximum respect. If you come to Buenos Aires, reminded and had a few beers.


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