Sensa Yuma – Punkrockers Interview

Redstar73 Blog: You don’t need a introduction really but may you could tell us about the first years of the band. How was it back in the 80ts? And compared today?

PID: well the 80s everyone was finding there feet,the originals had moved on to the next trendy thing slagging punk off, considering only the clash and the pistols were punk and said punks dead…..what a load of shit…..although i started my punk days in -79 i was still a , with exploited, discharge,crass conflict comming through faster than the clash could burn out, we were really on our own, the chaos with exploited and the anger of crass and politics of conflict, i know theres a thousand bands round this time sensa yuma were at this era, 81ish….it was pretty self destructive at first ,16.17 years old doing drugs sniffin glue and getting pissed as in england there really wasnt anything else to do, great times…but were were pretty bad in the first few gigs i have to say, i was drumming at the time and lets say i wasnt a very good one when i was drunk…the chaos was more than the group round this time…ha ha ha ha
MAX: i was playing with lego round that time, thats all..ha,ha,ha

Redstar73 Blog: You have released a new album. Please tell us more about it.
PID: yeah ,it took a few years to write and record its called simply punk rockers…why? its because its all we set out to do all those years ago, we didnt change our sound to fit in any trend that passed us by…we were ,and still are punk rockers…
MAX: its our fifth studio album, i know everyones always says this, but it is the best album we,ve come up with so far,ha,ha. there is an evolution in our sound, and in our way of composing the songs, and you can really tell of you listen to the last three records, we are all a bit older, but wiser aswell..i think..huh..ha,ha

Redstar73 Blog: How important is for you the DIY idea and politics?
PID: when you live and feel music ,we have the best infrastructure of any music availabel, squats, venues ,bars ,garages ,even farmhouses!!!! that will give you gigs, so if you plan it right you can tour playing most nights anywhere in the lucky are we…so yes the diy and politics really matter to us…..we,re greatfull for anything people do for us. we,re real people ,not musos. but that doesnt mean we dont play with total integrity…WE DO…….
MAX: well said.

Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for Sensa Yuma?
PID: carry on, im getting 50 next year so got to watch my health, but as long as people like sensa yuma we will still be about.
MAX: we,re gonna keep touring as much as we can round europe, presenting our new album “punk rockers” this year, then we gonna make a new video clip sometime ,of one of the new songs, dont know which one yet..and maybe a live album, or a best off next year, before we start with a new album..we,ll see…basicly just play as much as we can..ha,ha.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words!
PID: last words is, anyone whos seen and been in our company will know this is the real deal…..we live, breath punk rock and our scene is the best in the world i wouldn’t have dedicated my life to it…but with sensa yuma you get one thing extra…… respect pid..x
MAX:.yeah, and just say thanks for wanting to know a little what we have to say, and in the interest you put on us..cheers..max.

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