No Man’s Land – Scattered Around And Buried Interview

Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started? What about your name?

No Man’s Land: No Man’s Land present are me (Didit) on vocals & guitar, Tam Tam on drums, Baut on bass and Galih on guitar. Musically we are influenced by British Oi! bands as The 4-Skins, The Last Resort, The Business, The Oppressed, Cockney Rejects and many more. We formed the band before I became a skinhead, we were in the punk scene at that time, but we prefer listening to just mentioned bands. I toke the band name from a war film I watched when I was in junior school. I like that film but we had other meaning of that words for our selves. No Man’s Land means that no one of us actually never belongs of this earth, we’re all just passing through. I got it when I saw some friends, brothers and someone died. They leave all things behind what they fought for in their life time such as their house, property, car etc. Now the owner is some one else who still alive.

Redstar73 Blog: How was the feedback for the records you have released in Europe?
No Man’s Land: So far so great! Paul of Aggrobeat helped us introduced our music to the Europe and world. Of course we gain more listener and lots of friends.

Redstar73 Blog: Whats up next for No Man’s Land?
No Man’s Land: We are doing some compilations and also prepare for our next 7” EP. Friend of us write a book about NML called “20 Tahun No Man’ Land” (20 years of No Man’s Land) in Indonesia language and will be published on September 2015.

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in Indonesia?
No Man’s Land: Growing bigger and bigger.

Redstar73 Blog: And the highlights of the No Man’s Land story so far?
No Man’s Land: We formed the band since 1994, after 2012 we changed the original members for common reasons, we are all have families and works, so we think we got no a lot of times for the band anymore, then me continued with new member until today. The past member were me (vocal/guitar), Ferry (guitar), Catur (bass) and Didik (drum).

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
No Man’s Land: We also prepare for the release of our new LP called “No Way Back Home” on Aggrobeat Records with co-release Rusty knife Records. And thanks for the interview greeting from Indonesia.

Buy their records here:
No Man’s Land – Scattered Around And Buried CD

No Man’s Land- The best of 1994-2012 CD

Surgery Without Research / No Man’s Land – Surgery Without 7″

Band contact:

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