Rude Rich & The High Notes – Tribute To The Greats Interview


Redstar73 Blog: Will there be another full length album soon? And what else is planned for the future?
Rude Rich: At the moment we are busy with recordings for a full length album. And hopefully we drop our new album this year! We have many things planned for the future which the fans and audience will notice soon. Keep following us on Facebook, Twitter and our website for all the latest Rude Rich and The High Notes news.

Redstar73 Blog: You have backed quite a lot of Jamaicans. What was the best experience and with whom you wanna work in the future?
Rude Rich: Indeed we worked with a lot of different foundation artist from Jamaica, the founders of the authentic Jamaican music. For us it’s always an honour and pleasure to work with all the foundation artist! This year we worked with Dennis Alcapone and Derrick Morgan at the This Is Ska Festival in Rosslau, Germany. It was really great. November this year we gonna hit the road again with the King of Ska Mr Derrick Morgan. We often play with Mr Fix It, the one and only Mr Winston Francis, who just received a lifetime achievement award, for his outstanding contribution to the music industry for over 40 years! We don’t wanna work only with one artist we love to work with any one of them. Just as I sad before for us it’s a real honour to work with them!

Redstar73 Blog: You have started your own record label. What are your next releases and any chance to hear other bands on it?
Rude Rich: Our next release will be soon this year. If there are other bands which are interested to be on our label and we from Rude Rich find it interested as well, why not?!

Redstar73 Blog: You run your own studio as well. Any interesting projects going on?
Rude Rich: In the past we had our own studio but since a year we stop with the studio. We still do our own recordings in different studios.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words?!
Rude Rich: Thank you very much Jan Redstar for this interview. We from Rude Rich and the High Notes deh pon the road for real!!! Stay tuned Rude Rich is coming your way.

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Buy their records here:
Rude Rich & The High Notes – Tribute To The Greats LP
Rude Rich & The High Notes – Tribute To The Greats CD
Rude Rich & The High Notes – Soul Stomp CD

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