The Offenders – X

The Offenders – X
(Rudy’s Back)
The 6th studio album by The Offenders. As usual a great mix of Ska and Punk sing-alongs.
For the time I think the band is singing in German in two songs: ‘Alle muss raus’ and ‘1000 Mal Vergessen’.
If you like the other Offenders albums you won’t be disappointed by ‘X’.
Track Listing:
1 Alles Muss Raus
2 Harsh Reality
3 Tons of Drunks and Party Scum
4 St.Pauli Swing Jugend
5 From the East Side to U.K.
6 Martens Style
7 1000 Mal Vergessen
8 Society
9 Kids like me
10 Cheap Girl
11 2-Tone Time
12 Screwed up
Buy the album here:

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