0161 Festival Crew Interview


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce the festival and the crew.
0161 Festival Crew: 0161 Festival came together with an idea to create a festival that went beyond a normal ´punk festival´ it was always about uniting people under anti-fascism regardless of where you come from and the music you like. Many of the people involved have done gigs, concerts and been involved in activism for many years so it seemed a natural step to begin the festival. It´s a great time for anti-fascists from all over to unite and to invite new faces to come and join us.

Redstar73 Blog: What is planned for this year? How can we stay up to date with the festival?
0161 Festival Crew: So far this year, we have the biggest festival so far, with bands such as Blaggers ITA coming out to play a one-off show which we are ecstatic about. Joining them will be Rude Pride, The Oppressed, Hors Controle, Inner Terrestrials, The Prowlers and many, many more. We have expanded the acoustic stage and have that running for the three days with over 30 different acts and artists. As well the second stage is going to be hosted by a variety of different DJs and groups throughout with a whole mix of music. We will be working closely with the grassroots football club FC United down the road as well so people can attend a match there. Much more activities are to be announced over the next couple of months, you can keep up to date at these places :

Facebook – 0161 Festival
Twitter – 0161Festival
E-mail / Newsletter – manchester0161festival@hotmail.com

Redstar73 Blog: And the highlights of the festival story so far?
0161 Festival Crew: There have been too many to count really, when the first band started playing on the first day in 2014, that was a momentous occasion for the festival as it marked something really special and the beginning of this. Roddy (The Oppressed) playing with The Bois last year was tremendous and something I never thought I would see. Another would be Los Fastidios playing Antifa Hooligans and to have hundreds of people singing along in a Miners Club in Moston, that was wonderful. The Wakes a couple of years ago again, a fantastic experience, as well as having bands and artists from all over the world perform, seeing people who have never met discussing, chatting and getting on with each other in itself is great.

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in Manchester? Any good place to go to for visitors during the day?
0161 Festival Crew: The scene in Manchester is great, it has always had a strong anti-fascist tradition and that continues hugely to this day. The music scene is thriving, in various different guises, punk gigs are becoming more and more regular again, and there are many different nights of various styles being put on all over the city. If people are visiting the city then we recommend going to a football match at FC United, visiting both the Working class history Museum and the Peoples history museum. Many great pubs are open throughout the day as well, it´s a great city with a proud tradition and well worth visiting.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
0161 Festival Crew: To keep expanding the festival, the possibilities of what we can achieve are endless. With more and more people attending every year, we want to bring more people into the anti-fascist scene, musically and socially.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words?
0161 Festival Crew: Just to say that, the festival is in the memory of people who have died at the hands of fascism and to those who keep on fighting, never give up!
Also, a quick note to the venue, the staff, the security and absolutely everyone involved with helping running the festival and allowing it to continue every year. The Miners in Moston is a tremendous venue and they have been massively welcoming and we could not do it without them.
Thanks a lot for the interview! We hope to see you at the festival later on in the year.


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  1. secret agent skinhead says :

    I have an additional question: why were the best band on the bill, Banda Bassotti, uninvited last year?

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