Dure Réalité Interview


Redstar73 Blog:  Please can you introduce your project and the crew. Where is  the name come from? Why start a distro?
Dure Réalité: We worked hard on a presentation text and we think that it presents our project, Dure Réalité, pretty well. Here it is:
“Dure Réalité is a self-managed and militant Montreal association that wishes to promote a revolutionary culture through artistic outlets. We believe that a label that shows clearly its political positions will support, promote and develop scenes where all forms of discrimination and reactionary ideas won’t be tolerated. Dure Réalité wishes to act as a bridge between Europe and North America. We will contribute to the exposure of local, national and international bands and collectives. The objective of this project is to offer logistical support to bands who wish to tour in Canada, the United-States and different European countries, as a support for the production of new material, musical promotion and diffusion for bands who are clearly antifascist, anti-capitalist and/or feminist. Centered more particularly on punk, hardcore, skinhead, reggae, hip-hop and graffiti counter-cultures, Dure Réalité offers its services for event organizing, distribution, promotion, musical production as well as a media platform. (https://durerealite.wordpress.com)”
Our crew is currently made up of members from the antifascist groups Montreal Sisterhood and RASH-MTL, as well as from the revolutionary union group IWW-Montreal. As we wish to work as a cooperative structure, we will soon be opening up membership to other people who adhere to Dure Realité’s values. We also wish to highlight the fact that many friends help us out with graphic design, translation, writing, etc. Furthermore, about ten columnists contribute to the Dure Réalité web site by writing about different revolutionary subjects.
The name Dure Réalité comes from a song by Montreal Oi!/Streetpunk band Jeunesse Apatride, which talks about the struggle of youth living in working class neighbourhoods. The song’s subject fits perfectly with our label, firmly rooted in the working class reality, a hard reality.

Redstar73 Blog: What is planned for this year?
Dure Réalité: Our first year will be very busy! We will be collaborating on many album releases, including the split between Hors Controle, 22 Longs Riffs, La Gachette et The Prowlers, the new Bull Brigade album, a split between Action Sédition and Bull Brigade, the second Action Sédition Album, as well as more projects we can’t talk about yet.
We also want to continue being a platform for texts, reviews and interviews through our website, which promotes revolutionary ideas as well as all forms of militant cultural manifestation.
As for shows, we are currently organizing Action Sédition’s upcoming European tour (April 28th to May 8th), a Quebec tour for Les Trois Huit, and American and Canadian tours for other European bands we can’t name right now! We invite you to subscribe to our Facebook page to stay updated!
Furthermore, we are participating in the organization of Revolution Fest, an annual music and anti-fascism festival organized by Montreal Sistherhood and RASH-MTL.
We will also be presenting a monthly event at Coopérative les Katacombes, and we will continue to be present in concerts and festivals throughout Quebec to promote our counter-culture in different scenes.

Redstar73 Blog: You have quite a selection in your Distro. How do you find out about new bands? Do you do a lot of trades?
Dure Réalité: For now, as we are just starting up our distro, we don’t have as much merch as we’d like to. To find out about new bands, internet is a great tool, but what helps the most are the antifascist and militant networks all over the world and the contacts we have made thanks to tours as well as being present in shows and organizing shows, where we discover new music and make new friends. Also, some bands hear about us and reach out to us. On that note, if you have a band and you would like to be promoted and hear of in North America, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Redstar73 Blog: Who mostly orders from your distro?
Dure Réalité: So far, mostly people we meet in shows where we have a merch table, as well as others who have placed orders through the internet. Bookers also ask us to hold tables at their events. We try as much as possible to get out of the city to reach people who take part in the punk, hardcore, skin, riot grrl counter-cultures, but who don’t have access to a big scene like the one in Montreal.

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in Montreal? Any good place to go to for visitors?
Dure Réalité: The scene here is very lively and pretty well developed, in our opinion one of the most developed in North America. Montreal is a multicultural city, which has a reputation as a party city with a big cultural and counter-cultural presence, in all spheres and all types of music.
Historically, there have been antifascists bands to come from here: Banlieue Rouge, Street Troopers, Jeunesse Apatride, Escalves Salariés, Hold a Grudge, Union Made, etc.
It’s a well rooted tradition that is still going strong today with the ever growing presence of bands like The Prowlers, La Gachette, Action Sédition, Shotcallers, Les Ordures Ioniques, HeadCase, Dissidence, and more!
The revolutionary movement is also very present with a great diversity of political groups.
We can’t forget to mention the many underground music festivals like Revolution Fest, Fattal Fest, Oi! The St-Patrick Weekend, Varning, etc.
If you come to Montreal we recommend that you visit the working class neighborhood of Centre-Sud, the Fattal, bars like Coopérative Katacombes and Yermad, the anarchist library l’Insoumise, and for sports fans, we highly suggest that you check out an Impact’s game with our comrades from Front Commun!

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
Dure Réalité: We wish to continue promoting the counter-cultural scenes as well as antifascist, feminist and anti-capitalist bands from here and abroad, and to showcase political groups such as Montreal Sisterhood, RASH-MTL, IWW Montreal and Revolution Fest.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
Dure Réalité: Dure Réalité will be on tour in Europe from April 28th to May 9th with Action Sédition, and the Grenoble band Les Trois Huit will be there for a couple of show! We can also give you a little scoop: the Bull Brigade and Action Sedition split will be released during this tour! The details for all shows will be posted on our Facebook as well as Action Sédition’s Facebook very soon. Come and say hi, we are always happy to meet new people.
We also want to say hi to Izzy, a good friend from Montreal currently living in Barcelona and who organized a great show for Action Sédition last european tour. A big thank you to Ian from Red Star for this interview!
If you wish to participate to Dure Réalité’s webzine by writing an article on the underground scene in your region, or an interview, or anything else, don’t hesitate to write to us.
If you wish to discover more about us:
Webzine : https://durerealite.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/webzinedurerealite/?fref=ts



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