Les Partisans – Best of interview


Redstar73 Blog: Could you please tell us why you started to play shows again. What is the reason for the comeback?
Frederic: Partisans are friends, they live in the same city and have never ceased to be.
Some went to other musical projects, political or cultural.
But some have known since they were teenagers, they never cut the ties of friendship.
Play together was easy, a very strong desire to do so.
When the news Partisans were playing together again went around, we received concert offers.
A special show has motivated us because the concert took place in our city and we do not regret it because many came from all over France for the concert: Stage Bottles + Ya Basta! + Los Tres Puntos.
It is a very beautiful memory for us.

Redstar73 Blog: You have released last year a Best of album. How is the feedback for the record?
Frederic: Mike (Mad Butcher)insisted for many years to release a best of. Many young people told us our records are not found or are too expensive.
We do not regret it, the disc sold well in France.
The guys tell us, but it lacks my favourite song, please do an volume 2.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plan for the future?
Frederic: 2016 will be devoted to the next album.
We hope to see some 45T projects that are important to us: collaborations with other groups.

Redstar73 Blog: What do you think about the french Skinhead scene at the moment?
Frederic: In Lyon, there Rudies All Around that organizes sound system: skinhead reggae and soul. Dancehall Social Club who makes his weekly radio show about Jamaican reggae.
There are great bands of reggae-ska, such as 8/6 crews, the Berbiseyans from Dijon.
For the Punk-Oi scene! Our friends of Trois Huit from Grenoble and a group that is a hit in France and abroad Lions Law.
Record label wise, I can recommend Redheadman Records and Casual Records who has a lot of good productions.
I advise you webzine Bombers Kulture and the zine Chéribibi.

Redstar73 Blog: How significant is for you the DIY idea and politics?
Frederic: Of course, this is very important for several things. First, because we are not part of the musical projects of majors.
Then, the idea to take over to lead his projects his desires, these are ideas of freedom and collective, to tell us we can.
This is the continuation of the construction of the against-culture of the 60s.
In politics, it is similar, if the ruling politicians no longer meets the people then they must take care of their destiny.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words!
Frederic: Jan, thank you for participating in the Style Of Partisan project, we hope to be able to accommodate you in our turn.
And that we can come to play live in Spain soon.
Thank you and see you soon
Frederic for Les Partisans

Buy Les Partisans records here:
Les Partisans – Planete marx CD

Les Partisans – Style Of CD

Les Partisans – Style Of LP


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