Razzapparte – Brucia! Interview


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started? What about your name?
Razzapparte: Hi! Flavio speaking here. We’ve started back in 1995 as “Slag!”. One of our early songs was named “Razza a parte” (“A breed apart”): this colloquial expression means “strange, weird people” and is also a reference to early oi! music: “we are the new class, we are the new breed” (Blitz), “we are the new breed, we will have our say” (The 4-Skins), etc.
Around 1996 we wanted to change “Slag!” to an Italian name, so we’ve decided to use the title of that song according to its real pronounce: Razzapparte.

Redstar73 Blog: Last year you have released “Brucia!” album. Tell us more about it. How is the feedback for the record?
Razzapparte: “Brucia!” digipack CD is our 20th anniversary album. It was released by Skinhead Sounds, Rusty Knife, Strenght Thru Oi! and Folk Beat Vendetta. It contains 6 new songs, recorded in 2015, plus 3 tracks recorded in 2014. It’s basically an oi! album but, as usual, it contains various influences like hardcore, folk and rap.
Our guest musicians are our previous guitarist Fiore (accordion on the title track), l’Ultimo from LaFuria! / Gli Ultimi (rap on “Brutta sorte”) and Marco Piccioni from Maleducazione Alcolica / Talco (sax on “Quello che sono”). The cover art was done by an old friend of ours, punk artist Simone Lucciola (he’s also vocalist for “Blood ‘77” and “Gioventù bruciata”).
We’re getting a good feedback, both from kids and fanzines / webzines. Please see the review at American Oi! website: http://m67204.wix.com/american-oi#!razzapparte—brucia/cpoi
This is the complete tracklist with some short notes:
1) BRUCIA! (Burn!) is a song about passion and rage with some references to our homeland Tuscia (Viterbo and the sorrounding area, in Central Italy);
2) BRUTTA SORTE (Bad destiny) is about contradictions in everyday life;
3) DIGNITÀ (Dignity) exposes mass media and politicians for trying to manipulate us through cultural impoverishment; it contains a reference about George Orwell’s newspeak;
4) PORSENNA is dedicated to Lars Porsenna (6 centuries B.C), king of Etruria, and shows our love for our ancient history;
5) QUELLO CHE SONO (What I am): you’re forty years, so you try to sum up victories and defeats;
6) L’ALDILÀ (The beyound) is a tribute to Italian director Lucio Fulci;
7) IL SUONO DELLA STRADA (The sound of the street): a brand new version of one of our early songs;
8) CAOS: this is a 4-Skins’ cover with different lyrics, it’s sung in our local dialect;
9) CAOS (Oi! Mix): an alternate mix of the previous track.
One of the songs (“Dignità”) was also remixed by our friend Andrea Brancatelli aka Mr.SK, who plays the guitar in the new band Tacita and used to play bass and keyboards for ska/reggae outfit Shots In The Dark. He did a very good work with the song by adding digital and reggae sounds.
The song appears as “Dignità (Newspeak Mix)” on the “Kidz against Renzi” compilation. More
infos here: https://www.facebook.com/kidzagainstrenzi/

Redstar73 Blog: What other releases have you done so far?
Razzapparte: Here you are a list of our solo works:
Gente Senza Poesia 7”EP, 1999.
Servi o Ribelli CD, 2003.
Il Drago e il Leone CD, 2007.
Briganti CD, 2010.
Tuscia Oi! MCD, 2010.
Brucia! CD, 2015.
We also appear on many Italian and foreign compilations, you can see an uncomplete list on our
Discogs page: https://www.discogs.com/artist/1696034-Razzapparte

Redstar73 Blog: How important is for you the DIY idea and politics?
Razzapparte: DIY attitude and small labels are both necessary and fun for bands like us. Of course going DIY also has a political meaning, but this is a very complex topic and talking about it in English language is not that easy.
I also think that record quality is very important but some bands and labels understimate it, so their records have bad artworks, missing lyrics, very few notes, etc. When I buy a record I also want something to look at, something to read, etc. If you put out a records with bad graphics and no lyrics there’s almost no point in buying it if I can somehow download it from the internet, right? Quality has to increase if we want the kids to buy records, and some kids (those who buy few records) have to understand that they have to support bands and small labels. There’s people who always have money for beer and t-shirts to look cool, but never buy records. This is very bad.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
Razzapparte: At the moment we’re still promoting “Brucia!” CD with our current line-up: me (vocals), Angelo and Stefanino (guitars), Massimo (bass) and Capó (drums).
We’ll soon start working to new songs but we still don’t have a plan for new releases.

Redstar73 Blog: Give us your Top5 Oi&Punk songs.
Razzapparte: This is a very hard question! I’m naming just a few of my favorite songs in no particular order:
Nabat – Ti sei fermato ad ascoltare mai?
Gangland – Diritto al lavoro
The Blood – Degenerate
The 4-Skins – Chaos
The Clash – Career opportunities

Redstar73 Blog: Last words!
Razzapparte: Support our local oi! bands:
FAVL – https://www.facebook.com/FAVL-FAUL-227686503911489/
The Unborn – https://www.facebook.com/oitheunborn/
Barbera & Champagne

Also check out Tuscia Clan collective at https://www.facebook.com/Tuscia-Clan-Cantina-Del-Gojo-Supporters-1625270844381636/

Our contacts:

Thanks for your support and good luck with your activities! Cheers!

Buy their CDs here:
RAZZAPPARTE – tuscia oi! CD
Razzapparte – Il Drago e il Leone CD
Razzapparte – Brucia! CD


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