Rude Cat Festival 2008

Rude Cat Festival 2008


Open Call: Slackers Red Light Remix Contest

Red Light Re-mix Contest
Hi everyone,
It’s been 10 years since we put out our 2nd cd, “Red Light.” In honor of the 10th anniversary of Red Light we are having a remix contest. We are making the original studio tracks of selected songs available for download from this site; however, due to limited bandwidth, we might have to take them down if the site gets pounded. We’re kind of flying by the seat of our pants and making it up as we go along. So, please bear with us. The original, unedited, raw tracks are downloadable and available for dubbing, mashing, remixing – whatever one desires!

In fact, we’d appreciate it if some of you guys and gals put this up on bit torrent. That would be swell and would allow for us to take it off the website to make room for more songs.

To get more details go to

thanks for all the support over the years.

THE BOILER > Barcelona, 12 may 2007

Rhythm & Soul Club > Barcelona

May 12 th 2007
Guest DJs:
ALICE FOWKES (Birmingham, UK)
FELIX DOMINGUEZ (“Euro Ye Ye”, Gijon, SP)
+ Resident DJs: Cristina Alonso & Jordi Duró

– Platon 15 (Barcelona) – FFCC “Muntaner”
23:30 – 4:30 h
Admission: 5 euros

+ Info:

Capone Februar 2003

  1. Why pick on me- Standells
  2. Ich wünsch mir zum Geburtstag einen Beatle- Sweetles
  3. I've been loving you a little too long- Otis Redding
  4. Lipstick Eater- Loners
  5. Night Owl- Wilson Pickett
  6. My friend Jack- Smoke
  7. Du hast mich- Howard Carpendale
  8. Tears on my pillow- Derrick Morgan
  9. whole world- ferrymen
  10. Reggae got soul- toots & the Maytals

redstar73 Mai 2003

1. Baby I love you – Howard Tate
2. Real Jive Guy – Dejah Ahres
3. Every slacker is a star – The Insteps
4. Stop and think it over – Garnet Mimms
5. Gun you down – Steady Ups
6. Takin' it off – Go Jimmy Go
7. One solution – Heros & Zeros
8. Negro – Karamelo Santo
9. Need you tonight – Tanja Stephens
10. Cyclone – Dub Pistols

Capone Mai 2003

1. The Boogaloo Party- The Flamingos
2. Have you ever had it blue?- The Style Council
3.Glory Boys- Secret Affair
4. The age of the wolf- Susan Coleman
5. Keep your hand out of my pocket- Sonny Boy Williamson
6. The cat- Jimmy Smith
7. Beatfever Boogaloo- Moving Sounds
8. Juicy Lucy- Gene Drayton Unit
9. Rainy Day- Mr.Review
10. Jack the Ripper- Casey Jones and The Governors

Jeremy, Jumpstart Records, Penn State

  1. 1977 – The Clash
  2. Unity – Operation Ivy
  3. Get Up, Stand Up – Bob Marley and The Wailers
  4. Start Today – Gorilla Biscuits
  5. Against the Grain – Bad Religion
  6. Suggestion – Fugazi
  7. You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC
  8. Reign in Blood – Slayer
  9. London Calling – The Clash
  10. Fight the Power – Public Enemy
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