Takers & Users – Backbars and Alleyways interview


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started? What about your name?
Takers & Users: The band started in 2014. Myself and Sprouley had played in Hardcase previously. We then asked Darzo to sing and he decided to play bass as well. Ryan joined on second guitar about a year later. The name came from the Business song Takers and Users. No real meaning behind it.

Redstar73 Blog: You have released your album ‘Backbars & Alleyways’. Tell us more about it!
Takers & Users: We initially recorded 4 tracks in a studio in Larne and released a 100 demos ourselves. We sent a few out to labels to see if anyone would release our album and Diana at Randale was interested. So we went back into the studio and recorded another 6 songs and put them all together for the album.

Redstar73 Blog: As we are big fans of the Neurotics here, please tell us the story behind your song “The Neurotics Were Right”.
Takers & Users: It was more a dig at the Tories than it was a tribute to the Neurotics to be honest. I’m a fan of the Neurotics and went to see them the last time they played Belfast, but the lyrics are more to do with the welfare reforms that were being implemented by the Tories.

Redstar73 Blog: How important is for you the DIY idea and politics?
Takers & Users: I think for a band like ours the idea of DIY will always be important. Most gigs we play are either put on by ourselves or our friends, and its better that way to be honest. It generally means you don’t have to deal with any bullshit. As far as politics goes we’re not really party political. I’ve never voted in a general election and don’t think any of us have to be honest.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
Takers & Users: Hopefully release an EP soon, finish writing our second album and get a few more gigs under our belts.

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in Belfast?
Takers & Users: The scene in Belfast is quite small, and because of that the gigs are mixed. For example there wouldn’t be enough oi bands to do a full oi gig so we normally play with hardcore, ska or psychobilly bands.

Redstar73 Blog: Give us your Top5 Oi&Punk songs.
Takers & Users: Tough one to narrow it down. It changes all the time. In no particular order.

Cocksparrer – Take em all
The Business – Product
Marching Orders – Songs of yesterday
Runnin Riot – Double the pain
Red Alert – Long Night in Long Island

Redstar73 Blog: Last words!
Takers & Users: Cheers for getting in touch. Happy New Year and hopefully speak soon.


The Mighty Fishers – Newsteady EP interview


Redstar73 Blog: Please could you introduce the band.
The Mighty Fishers: The Mighty Fishers was formed in 2011 and during this relatively short time we have already changed a lot.
Only CéAnne (vocals) and Peter (rhythm guitar) remained from the original crew. Also, musically we formed and evolved, if you compare our first and last releases. The foundation of the band was to play traditional, old school music but since we are different personally, the music is also something else.
In this five years we played in many countries all across Europe which is amazing considering that we started from nothing. We love our fans a lot, as they give us the energy to keep ourselves together and to prove them on every gig that it worth to polish their dancing shoes!

Redstar73 Blog: You have released a new EP called ‘Newsteady’. Please tell us more about it.
The Mighty Fishers: Yes, finally we released our awaited EP! We haven’t released anything in a while, it’s been a long road but we made new songs and it may be a new area for the band, therefore we named the baby ’Newsteady’.
The EP contains 5 brand new tracks, mostly about the world we live in. The original plan was to record an LP but many things changed around us lately, we had to change members and so forth, so we ended up with only a handful of songs actually recorded in the studio. The whole process was different with this EP, we spent more time in the studio figuring out how we can make it sound modern but still keep a perk of the
old taste.

Redstar73 Blog: What other releases have you done so far?
The Mighty Fishers: We have released three EPs so far: ’High Four’ (2011), a little collection of rocksteady classics, covers of songs we like, ’Where are you?’ (2012), the very first originals and ’Newsteady EP’ (2016). We have also released an LP (on CD and vinyl) titled ’Soul Garden’ back in 2014.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
The Mighty Fishers: We definitely would love to record a new whole LP in the taste of ‘Newsteady’. Also, it would be nice to go on long-long tours to all the cities and towns the world has and introduce our music to everyone!

Redstar73 Blog: Give us your Top5 Ska songs.
The Mighty Fishers:
The Mighty Vikings – Love me forever,
Otis Gayle – I’ll be around,
Pat Kelly – How long will it take,
Jennifer Lara – A change is gonna come and last but not least Hypnotic eyes by Keith and Tex. (by CéAnne)

Redstar73 Blog: And the highlights of the Mighty Fishers story so far?
The Mighty Fishers: So many things already in such a short time! All of our releases of course, it’s always the last one which matters the most… and our gigs all across Europe: Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and many more… all were amazing and unique, giving us unforgettable memories and the reassuring feeling that we can give to our audience.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words!
The Mighty Fishers: The chorus of our new song ‘Respect Yourself’: ‘RESPECT YOURSELF, DON’T WAIT, TAKE YOUR TIME!’

The Mighty Fishers contact:

Buy the Soul Garden CD here:

One Step Ahead – Hinter Fassaden Interview


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When it was started? What about your name?
One Step Ahead: We are ONE STEP AHEAD from the small Saxon town Limbach-Oberfrohna. We were founded at the end of 2010 and are playing hardcore-punk. Before that we played in various other bands and were and still are active in political and subcultural groups for a while. Half a year ago our bass player dropped out and since then two friends of us helped us out on our concerts and played bass. It was difficult for us to find a good and suitable name for our band at the beginning.
There is a song called ‘One Step Ahead’ by the band ‘Guerilla’, which we liked very much (especially content-wise), so we named our band after it.

Redstar73 Blog: You are going to release your new album soon. Please tell us about it.
One Step Ahead: Our album called ‘Hinter Fassaden’ will be released as vinyl and download in a few months by the record labels RiotBike Records and Streetwar Records. It is a consistently political album and we hope the music is a bit diversified. The songs show the whole history of our band because some of them we wrote five years ago and others were completed just before the recording. Thematically our songs are primarily about the strengthening of reactionary and fascist powers since the rise of PEGIDA in Germany and the related changes in society. As well we try to point out problems in our own scene so other people reconsider their own acting. In the song ‘Ihre Fassaden’ we say that we do not need right-wing tendencies in the punk- and hardcore-scene and that we do not tolerate merchandise from R.A.C. or right-wing bands on our shows. We definitely wonder how the reactions on the album will be and we can hardly await to hold the result in our hands.

Redstar73 Blog: What other releases have you done so far?
One Step Ahead: The album ‘Hinter Fassaden’ is actually our first album after five years. In 2011 we released our first demo on CD-R and after that we were in studio to record some songs for various Samplers. Two years ago we burnt all of our previous records on a CD and distributed it to the people for donation on our shows. We made two different versions of this CD – the ‘Riot Dogs’n’Cops’ version and the ‘Clench ya fist’ version. Both versions differ only because we liked the idea that people can decide which design they like the most personally.

Redstar73 Blog: How important is for you the DIY idea and politics?
One Step Ahead: Punk is not business. But unfortunately the reality is different. Booking agencies are growing more and more, there are huge salaries for famous bands or reunions of ‘punk legends’, which seemingly have no longer a connection to the scene. And those determine the image of bigger punk concerts or events. In our opinion the idea of DIY is one of the most important in the punk-scene and that’s the reason why we always like to play at solidarity concerts. But politics are very important for us as well. We really like it when concerts run under a political context or when there are some antifascist information points. We think punkrock can only come along with an antifascist self-concept. All too often right-wing tendencies were able to spread? under the mantle of the non-political inside the scene.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
One Step Ahead: Well at the moment we have no concrete plans for the future.
As a start we want to make our upcoming record public and want to move around a little bit.
In 2017 we would like to make another tour and also play some international concerts, like we did this year. Maybe we will write some new songs as well so that our next album won’t take another 5 years to be released.

Redstar73 Blog: Give us your Top 5 Oi! & Punk Songs
One Step Ahead: Oh, that’s really difficult… we listen to quite different music but we were able to agree on these five songs:

Blitz – Razors In The Night
Arkada Social – En la oscuridad
Non Servium – A.C.A.B.
Versaute Stiefkinder – Schlag zurück
Guerilla – The Streets are ours

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
One Step Ahead: We wanna thank you for presenting our band and wish you continuous success with your label and your online shop.



Bluekilla – Ska Is Our Business Interview


Redstar73 Blog: You started back in 1985. Anyone left from the original line up? How was the Ska scene back in 1985? Any other bands playing Ska in that time?
Amedeo: There are still two members left from the original five piece suit. Our drummer Fiebig and our bassman Guido. Chris (lead guitar), a third original member left the band in 2003.
There was no Ska scene in 1985. Bluekilla startet playing gigs later, around 1986 or something. I can’t remember any Ska concert around that time. All bands had split up or where in a start up process. The last Ska concert I remember in the early/mid eighties was THE UNTOUCHABLES from the States, and it was a lousy presentation of a test-tube band trying to imitate some notorious british bands. In those days the SKATALITES’ “Return of the Big Guns” couldn’t get anybody moving on the dancefloor. JUDGE DREAD’s 1985 album “Not Guilty” was a terrible misstep into bad taste disco. 1985 was a musical wasteland, Ska was dead until its rebirth in 1989.

Redstar73 Blog: What were the highlihgts? To mine mind are coming your tours in ex-Jugoslawia and Australia. Could you tell us more about both tours.
Amedeo: From the point of playing a gig the most remarkable highlights have always been our CD release parties and jubilee events in our hometown Munich. Of course we had countless gigs abroad that we still remember today. Those tours you mentioned have rather been milestones in the evolution of the band. 1997 in Yugoslavia, we realized that we can rely on eath other in even difficult and dangerous situations. Australia on the other side was just a massive effort with 11 shows in 18 days only on Thursdays and weekends. It was like a big trip in a Carlos Castagneda book. At the end we had to realize that one of us slid away from our conglomerate.

Redstar73 Blog: You always make a statement against fascism. How importartant is this for you? Did you ever had any problems at shows?
Amedeo: It is the most important thing in out lives, to make statements against fascism in all situations of our lives. On stage and on our records, we have the chance to make a statement which is heard by other people. That’s why we never stop doing so. In  the 1990s there were a lot of problems with neofascists in Germany and we had to deal with all that crap on some of our gigs. Some people thought Ska is the perfect playground for their sick ideology. in the 2000s thing got better but right now we must wittnes the return of nationalism and rascism in all shapes all over Europe. It never stops being essential to make yourself clear how you think about these matters.

Redstar73 Blog: You have played some shows in France and England this summer. How was the experience?
Amedeo: Extremely cool! We never where a band that was invited to play on festivals a lot. If you have no booking agency, it is hard to get a foot into that door. Festivals mostly work out their line up with a single booking agency, which wants to have as much bands as possible engaged. If a festival wants a big gun, they have to take the waterpistols as well.
Therfore wewere extremely pleased by the enthusiasm of those people in Toulouse and in England, who brought us to their countries. On the other hand it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a german organisation, helping us to cover some of the travel costs. WE’ll see how many times we can repeat trips like that.

Redstar73 Blog: I really like your Dub stuff like ‘River Style’ from the album ‘Ska is our business’. Why don’t you do a full Dub album?
Amedeo: I have put down all the dub cuts on all of our albums and of course I always had in mind to do a BLUEKILLA IN DUB album with either all the dubs we released and also some unreleased ones or doing a dub version of our BACK TO SKATALONIA album. I even have worked on such a version album but at the end you need someone to release this stuff and I never found someone who was interested. If I meet a dub infected Ska head in my life who wants to take that risk, there’ll be a Dr. Deadlock in Dub LP.

Redstar73 Blog: Any chance of a new album? Any other plans for the future?
Amedeo: Not at the moment. Everything is possible though.

Redstar73 Blog: Give us your Top5 Skasongs.
Amedeo: Besides my favourite Bluekilla songs? No particular order and ever changing:

Nightboat to Cairo (Madness)
Gangsters (The Specials)
Split Personality (Toots Hibbert & The Skatalites)
Big Six (Judge Dread)
Da kommt der Wahnsinn (Lila Sterila)

Redstar73 Blog: Where do you think ska is heading?
Amedeo: Where Rockabilly and other small and “unimportant” genres of the 60s 70s 80s youth culture is heading. As a vegetable in a warm and cosy niche.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words!
Amedeo: Think global but don’t forget to support your local Ska scene and breweries.


Daniel Flores – Todo hombre es una isla Interview


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce yourself.
Daniel: My name is Daniel. For the last twenty years I’ve played keyboards and written tunes in Satelite Kingston, an old ska band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve also played with a bunch of other people around the world. Put out a solo album called “Todo hombre es una isla”, through the always amazing Liquidator label. I’ve lived in Washington DC when I was young and I also make a living as a travel journalist. I’m the father of two little kids. They seem to like ska so far.

Redstar73 Blog: On bandcamp I found an album by Blancos Fáciles. You are listed as keyboard player. Is the band still active?
Daniel: That’s me also, yes. Blancos Fáciles is a band I like a lot. Different from Satelite Kingston, although in the ska, reggae, rocksteady field as well. A compact unit, no brass, more like a “rock band”. We haven’t been exactly active lately, but (funny) I just got a message from the guys to get back in the rehearsal room. That’s the latest.

Redstar73 Blog: You have published an interesting book, ‘La manera correcta de gritar’, about the history of the Ska scene in Buenos Aires. How did you get the idea to write about it? How was the feedback?
Daniel: That was a few years ago. It all started with a blog I have, satelitekingston.blogspirit.com. Back in 2006, Madness came to Buenos Aires first time ever. That generated a wave of “nostalgia” about the heydays of ska in Argentina during the 80s, a phenomenon that you could not find anywhere else in Latin America. Ska was HUGE here!

So, Madness comes to Buenos Aires and people, mostly old rude boys, come out of the shadows! And many of them start commenting in this blog of mine. And start telling stories. So I see something happening there and decide to get in touch with as many of these guys as I could. These are rude boys from an era even previous to Satelite Kingston, you know. And I start collecting their stories rather obsessively.

And then something else happens: I find out a lot of stuff about a certain Ronnie Montalban, an unknown Argentine singer who put out a ska vinyl record in the late sixities, which I truly recommend you hunting down as soon as you get a chance to. A total mystery, suddenly unveiled. I ended up meeting his widow, his son and some of his musicians from back then. That’s when I really had a story to tell: from this 60s oddity, to the chronicle of the 80s and 90s. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun, actually. The book is still available through its second edition. Look for it through the “Piloto de Tormenta” book label in facebook. After that, me and some other colleagues did a couple more books on odd stories from the punk and post punk scenes in Buenos Aires.

Redstar73 Blog: Please tell us more about Satélite Kingston. How many records have you done?
Daniel: We did six records. We’ve played a lot, really. Here, in Argentina, but also in Brazil (many times), Chile, Europe… We’ve been taking it a lot easier lately. We only do what we absolutely want to do. Most of the guys involved in the band happen to play in other (demanding) projects, have families… Myself, I travel quite a lot. It’s kind of hard to book many gigs. But we did manage to put out a new CD late last year: “Todo el tiempo”, with a little help from the kind and passionate people of Una Isla Club Records. I’m quite pleased with it, I must admit. We went for a different road: all in Spanish, almost no guest musicians, no cover versions. It’s more… us!

But right now we’re on that phase when what we do best is get together to eat and drink, you know. We laugh quite a lot whenever we’re around each other. And then someone pops the word “rehearsal” and everyone looks a bit uncomfortable and then we remember something funny and start laughing again. That’s kind of our little routine there. I’d say it’s perfect.

Redstar73 Blog: Back in 2012 you have released a solo album, Todo hombre es una isla. Could you tell us more about it.
Daniel: Great experience. I recorded ten tunes with a bunch of gifted musicians, not the same line up in two songs. Some Satelite Kingstonians, Victor Rice, Smooth Beans, some Crabs Corporation, Los Hamptons (check em out!!), Atsushi Ukito, J. Pezzimenti, and my good pal Jochi Descalzo, from Aggrotones and Gigantes Magnéticos and Kingston Factory.

Funnily enough, last year, the title track was used as the theme song for a big time TV series in Argentina! It’s called “Signos”, it’s about a serial killer, something that never ever crossed my mind when I wrote the song, of course! It was kind of a “Satelite Kingston out take”, kind of song I didn’t dare exposing to the band. Everyone in a band knows the feeling. But I knew I had to do something with it. So I recorded it with Atsushi Ukito, from Japan-New Zealand, whom I met through Chris Murray. It was so quick and unpretentious that Atsushi does not even remember he played on this thing. You can find the trailer in You Tube, it’s actually kind of funny to hear this deep bass reggae stuff along with this serial killer blood fest.

Redstar73 Blog: How is the Ska scene in Argentina at the moment?
Daniel: I think it’s healthy. Many bands. Many GOOD bands. I’m into it. Aggrotones, Gigantes Magnéticos (OMG, they just did an awesome record), Ska Beat City, The Crabs Corporation, Staya Staya, Los Hamptons, Sombrero Club, there’s so many good ones. I only wish there would be more audience for them, for everyone, which is not really the case. But I guess it’s the same thing everywhere, right? I was back in DC last month, went to a reggae party and it was ten of us! But I’m not complaining at all. I kind of got (and stayed) into this kind of music, this little ska world, because of its underground DNA. I love that, that’s also in me, would it be different I would be doing something else, I would not be comfortable nor interested.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
Daniel:  Mmm, I hate talking about stuff I end up not doing. But… we should play a couple of gigs with Satelite later this year. I have to record some keys for Ska Beat City, otherwise they’d kill me. I think I might have a new book or something, almost finished, but I don’t know who might put it out. And many more things will come in the way, as always. I haven’t been bored in the last 25 years, believe me.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words!
Daniel: See you around!



Buy Satelite Kingston CDs here:

Satélite Kingston – Algo Tiene Que Pasar CD

Satélite Kingston – El Enemigo CD

Satélite Kingston – Mensajes CD

Satélite Kingston – …Una Isla CD

THE BOILER :: Barcelona, 10th September 2016

Rhythm’n’SoulClub ::: Barcelona
Facebook: TheBoiler Club (Barcelona)

September 10th 2016
(NEXT DATE: November 2016 > More info coming soon!)

RAFA GS (València)
+ Resident Djs: Jordi Duro & Cristina Alonso

Plaça de Joan Llongueras 5, Barcelona
24:00h – 6:00h
Metro: “Hospital Clínic” L5

Admission: 12 euros (including drink)

WARNING: Limited capacity. Arrive early or you’ll be left out!



* Wich was your first experience into the mod/R&B/Soul scene?

I’m well known for my lack of memory, sorry, but I guess it was in the 90’s in one of Dimples club allnighthers?

* Tell us about a DJ that infuenced or made an impact on you.

I liked a lot a few of the brit mod djs at the time. Nick Hudson was one? Lee Miller for his attitude as well… and of course good ole roger banks. He’s ace as a funny person and I love funny persons! I also love Llius Cardenal, Alvaor & Mocky… Some of the new young Italian mods… I try to enjoy each and every set. I also like modern soul/latin and jazz djs… I’m polygamous

* Wich is your main aim or interest when playing your records?

Have fun and make people have fun as well (in thereverse order, but it looks one ned the other to me), as simple as this.

* 3 favourite records? What do they mean for you?

Spinning wheel by Samy Davis Jr.
Same thing that makes u happy by Ray Charles
Duffin’ around, Brother Jack Mcduff

And so many others… All of them means I cannot help daning to them (and much more), pretty enuff.

* If you’ve been playing for Boiler before, how do you rate your previous experience? If not, just tell us what do you expec it to be.

I did, but if I could just remember it, hahahahaha I loved the club, the area for smokers, the spirit of the club, the smart people… Barcelona!

* Current Top 10

Quartette Tres Bien – Boss Tres Bien (Decca)
Bud Harper – Let Me Love You (Peacock) Bobby Scott – Moanin’ (Mercury demo) Joe Cuba sextet – My Man Speedy (Tico demo)
Pat Kelly & the Uniques – Turn Your Back On Me
Wicked Lester – Gay with an E
Machito – Green Onions
Oscar Brown Jr – See if you can git to That
Albert King – Cod
Mercer Blue Notes – Bad Bad Whiskey
Cholli Maye – You will never get away
Lionel Hamtpon and his inner circle of Jazz – Greasy Gerens
Jon Thomas – Hey hey Baby


* Wich was your first experience into the mod/R&B/Soul scene?

My first experience into modernist scene was about 4 years ago at Maximum Mod Weekender in Genova and from that event my passion for black music grows everyday more.

* Tell us about a DJ that infuenced or made an impact on you.

I have not one dj that I prefer.

* Wich is your main aim or interest when playing your records?

I think who can mix nice tunes from different genres is a good one and this is my purpose when I play my records

* 3 favourite records? What do they mean for you?

Jimmy Clanton – Cindy
James Crawford – Hold It
The Romancers – House Cat

* If you’ve been playing for Boiler before, how do you rate your previous experience? If not, just tell us what do you expec it to be.

This is the first time at Boiler, I hope everybody will jump and shout at the club!

* Current Top 10

Ray Charles – Get On The Right Track Baby
Ernie Fields and His Orchestra – Workin’ Out
Slim Harpo – Baby Scratch My Back
Stan Robinson – Rhinoceros
Cholli Maye – Get On The Right Track Baby
Little Johnny Walter – Somewhere Down The Line
Dean and Jean – I Love The Summertime
Jeanette Washington – Move On
Yvonne Fair – Just as Sure
Timmy Shaw – If I catch You

RAFA GS (València)

* Wich was your first experience into the mod/R&B/Soul scene? If it was a club, wich one was it?

My first memory of a Mod party was one night after a birthday party that we went to a club in the suburbs of Valencia. The first impression was when watching some mods in white shoes, smart shirts and dancing some afroamerican rhythms, it was like being Soho in ’63. Years later some of those mods became friends and some very close friends.

Mi primer recuerdo es asistir a una fiesta en las afueras de Valencia después de un cumpleaños. La imagen que me quedó fue como estar en un club del Soho en 1963, y yo viendo a un gran número de mods con zapatos blancos, camisas elegantes y todos bailando ritmos negros. Con el tiempo algunos se convirtieron en amigos y otros en grandes amigos.

* Tell us about a DJ that infuenced or made an impact on you.

I’ve always preferred DJ’s that don’t go to obvious tracks and are capable to discover new songs and then you feel the need of asking what’s the name of that gem. If I had to say one name that will be Roger Banks.

Siempre me han interesado los dj’s que arriesgan y de los que descubres temas nuevos y no tienes más remedio que dirigirte a la cabina para averiguar cómo se llama esa maravilla que está sonando. Por nombrar a alguien mítico diría el nombre de Roger Banks.

* Wich is your main aim or interest when playing your records?

When I play records I’m always watching people on the dancefloor. I try to to know their likes so if I have to continue with what I’m playing or I have to change to another sound. To me the more important thing is that people enjoy dancing, that’s the point.

Cuando pongo discos en algún local mi vista está en la pista de baile. Intento valorar la respuesta de la gente que está bailando para seguir pinchando ese palo o cambiarlo. Para mí lo más importante es que la gente baile, nada más y nada menos.

* 3 favourite records? What do they mean for you?

Billy Hawks – Heavy Soul! – Prestige LP. Blues and Jazz mixed in a perfect cocktail with the voice and organ of Mr. Hawks, and then added the work of two maestros like Rudy van Gelder and Cal Lampley. Masterpiece.
The Action – The Ultimate Action – Edsel LP. The best Mod English band ever. I watched them playing in the late 90’s and it was magic. The sound was like in the records that I knew so well. Baby, you’ve got it!
Jimmy Smith – Stay loose – Verve LP. The great genious of the Hammond B3 singing with his voice and with his fingers. Essential.

Billy Hawks – Heavy Soul! – Prestige LP. Blues y Jazz crean un cocktail perfecto con la voz y el órgano de Mr. Hawks, todo aderezado con la maestría de dos genios como Rudy van Gelder y Cal Lampley. Obra maestra.
The Action – The Ultimate Action – Edsel LP. La mejor banda Mod inglesa. Los pude ver en Londres a finales de los 90 y fue un momento mágico. Sonaron igual que en los discos. Baby, you’ve got it!
Jimmy Smith – Stay Loose. – Verve LP. El gran maestro del Hammond B3 cantando con la voz y con los dedos. Imprescindible.

* If you’ve been playing for Boiler before, how do you rate your previous experience? If not, just tell us what do you expec it to be.

This will be my first time playing records in Boiler club. As public I’ve always enjoyed so much the musical policy and I’ve always danced as much as my feet could resist. As DJ I’m only interested in making the people dance and let them enjoy with Soul-Jazz, R&B, Boogaloo, some Soul and some black-inspired British sounds. Hope not dissapoint you.

Es mi primera vez a los platos en un Boiler, como público siempre he disfrutado mucho de la calidad musical y mi respuesta en la pista de baile ha ido en corcondancia. Sólo me interesa que la gente lo pase bien y baile, así que entre el Soul-Jazz, R&B, Boogaloo y algo de Soul y algún toque británico siempre bajo la perspectiva afroamericana; espero por lo menos estar a la altura.

* Current Top 10

Cornell Blakely – I want my share (Rich)
Ernie Fields – Fallin’ (Rendezvous)
Little Johnny Taylor – Looking at the future (Galaxy)
Sonny Knight Quartette – Let’s get it on (Aura)
Sarah Vaughan – I believe in you (Roulette)
The Jewels – Gotta find a way (Dimension)
Liz Sands – One man’s poison (One-derful!)
Jimmy Brown – Chain of fools (A-Bet)
Freddie McCoy – Summer in the city (Prestige)
Ornella Vanoni – Coccodrillo (Ricordi)

+ RESIDENT DJs: Jordi Duro & Cristina Alonso

Top of the Pops – Ska Special

Clips by Bad Manners, Madness, The Beat, The Specials and so more.

TOTP was a British music chart television programme made by the BBC.

Bad Manners – Buona Sera (TOTP) (1981)

Bad Manners – Walking In The Sunshine (TOTP) (1981)

UB40 – One In Ten (TOTP) (1981)

The Specials – Ghost Town (TOTP) (1981)

Madness – Baggy Trousers (TOTP) (1980)

Bad Manners – Can Can (TOTP) (1981)

The Beat – Drowning (TOTP) (1981)

Bad Manners – Just A Feeling (TOTP) (1981)

Madness – Return Of The Los Palmas 7 (TOTP) (1981)

Bad Manners – Lorraine (TOTP) (1980)

The Beat – Too Nice To Talk To (TOTP) (1980)

Madness – Embarrassment (TOTP) (1980)

Bad Manners – Special Brew (TOTP) (1980)

Madness – Baggy Trousers (TOTP) (1980)

The Selecter – The Whisper (TOTP) (1980)

Bad Manners – Lip Up Fatty (TOTP) (1980)

The Piranhas – Tom Hark (TOTP) (1980)

The Beat – Mirror In The Bathroom (TOTP) (1980)

Bad Manners – Ne Ne Na Na Na Na Nu Nu (TOTP) (1980)

UB40 – Food For Thought (TOTP) (1980)

The Selecter – Missing Words (TOTP) (1980)

The Bodysnatchers – Let’s Do Rocksteady (TOTP) (1980)

The Selecter – Three Minute Hero (TOTP) (1980)

Madness – My Girl (TOTP) (1980)

THE SPECIALS – Do Nothing (TOTP) (1980)

The Beat – Tears Of A Clown (TOTP) (1979)

THE SPECIALS – A Message To You Rudy (TOTP) (1979)

Madness – The Prince (TOTP) (1979)

THE SPECIALS – Gangsters (TOTP) (1979)

Madness – Our House (TOTP) (1982)

Madness – Shut Up (TopPop) (1981)

Madness – One Step Beyond (TOTP) (1979)

Thanks to the youtube MadFranko008 user for all the uploads.

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