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Las Furias en La Festa Major de Gràcia (Barcelona)





MOVIN’ ON :: Pure Soul Music Barcelona :: 2nd February 2017

Pure Soul Music Barcelona

SATURDAY February 4th 2017

[Next date: APRIL 1st 2017: more info coming soon…]

At MARULA CAFÉ new venue!
Carrer dels Escudellers, 49, 08002 Barcelona
Metro: Liceu
22:00 h – 03:00 h
Admission: 10 euros (including drink)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MovinOnBarcelona
Email us at:  movinon_barcelona@yahoo.com

DAVID TOMELLO-SOUL (Tomelloso/Granada, SP)



Hendrik Irmscher started his record journey by collecting 70s Punk/Powerpop and 60s Garage 45s.
At that time, he began DJing and organizing some regular parties in Berlin. Influenced by lots of different Mod-sounds, the road to the fantastic world of Soul music wasn’t that far off. Since then he has been specializing in collecting Northern Soul and Rare Soul 45s. After lots of Soul parties in smallish basement clubs, Hendrik started in 2013 promoting bigger events under the flag of “Soul’d Up – Berlin”. Twice a year (13th of May and 18th of November 2017) they celebrate an Alldayer & Allnighter plus Friday warm-up party feat. an international DJ line-up.
Hendrik feels super honoured to play his tunes for Movin‘ On Barcelona and these are 10 of his fave 45s he most probably will give a spin on 4th of February.

Aged In Harmony – Your’e A Melody [MOR-TONES]
Barbara Jean And The Lyrics – Any Two Can Play It [BIG HIT]
Cynthia & the Imaginary Three – That’s What I Am [BIG HIT]
Bobby Shannon – I Get My Groove From You [TO-MAR]
Jimmy Burns – Can‘t Get Over [Dispo]
Carol Shinnete – Cyanide Love [Zilko]
Percy Stone – Chained [RAM]
Tommy Trojan – Leo I Am [JC]
George Benson – My Woman’s Good To Me [A&M]
Ray Hines – Is It Something You Got [RNH]

DAVID BRIONES (Tomelloso/Granada)

Milito en los Soul Dregs United con los que hemos organizado fiestas de manera regular durante los últimos 8 años (Soul Fantastic y Blazing Fire en Afrodisia Club). Además co-organizo el mejor evento de Soul Rural de el pais, el “Soul Day in Tomelloso”, del que llevamos ya 3 ediciones. Estoy más que orgulloso de haber sido invitado a pinchar en el Movin, un club que por constancia y estilo es un referente de esto nuestro. Nos vemos en Barcelona.

TSU Toronados “Please Heart don´t break” (Rampart)
El Anthony “Sweet Jo-Ann” (Star-Vue)
Mickey and Ernie “Baby, I´m in love” (Hot Line)
Chuck Overton “Im so Thankful” (Kapp)
Mark Seven Unltd “Touch of Goodbye” (Abbott)
Eddie Lovette “What´cha Trying To do to me” (Steady)
The Headliners “Little Sister”(Super)
Georgeus George “Strange Book” (HoMark)
Jimmy Jules “The new Year” (Jim Gem)
Spirit of love “The Power of love” (Birthright)

+ MOVIN’ ON DJs: Eduardo Domingo & Cristina Alonso

THE BOILER :: Barcelona, 10th September 2016

Rhythm’n’SoulClub ::: Barcelona
Facebook: TheBoiler Club (Barcelona)

September 10th 2016
(NEXT DATE: November 2016 > More info coming soon!)

RAFA GS (València)
+ Resident Djs: Jordi Duro & Cristina Alonso

Plaça de Joan Llongueras 5, Barcelona
24:00h – 6:00h
Metro: “Hospital Clínic” L5

Admission: 12 euros (including drink)

WARNING: Limited capacity. Arrive early or you’ll be left out!



* Wich was your first experience into the mod/R&B/Soul scene?

I’m well known for my lack of memory, sorry, but I guess it was in the 90’s in one of Dimples club allnighthers?

* Tell us about a DJ that infuenced or made an impact on you.

I liked a lot a few of the brit mod djs at the time. Nick Hudson was one? Lee Miller for his attitude as well… and of course good ole roger banks. He’s ace as a funny person and I love funny persons! I also love Llius Cardenal, Alvaor & Mocky… Some of the new young Italian mods… I try to enjoy each and every set. I also like modern soul/latin and jazz djs… I’m polygamous

* Wich is your main aim or interest when playing your records?

Have fun and make people have fun as well (in thereverse order, but it looks one ned the other to me), as simple as this.

* 3 favourite records? What do they mean for you?

Spinning wheel by Samy Davis Jr.
Same thing that makes u happy by Ray Charles
Duffin’ around, Brother Jack Mcduff

And so many others… All of them means I cannot help daning to them (and much more), pretty enuff.

* If you’ve been playing for Boiler before, how do you rate your previous experience? If not, just tell us what do you expec it to be.

I did, but if I could just remember it, hahahahaha I loved the club, the area for smokers, the spirit of the club, the smart people… Barcelona!

* Current Top 10

Quartette Tres Bien – Boss Tres Bien (Decca)
Bud Harper – Let Me Love You (Peacock) Bobby Scott – Moanin’ (Mercury demo) Joe Cuba sextet – My Man Speedy (Tico demo)
Pat Kelly & the Uniques – Turn Your Back On Me
Wicked Lester – Gay with an E
Machito – Green Onions
Oscar Brown Jr – See if you can git to That
Albert King – Cod
Mercer Blue Notes – Bad Bad Whiskey
Cholli Maye – You will never get away
Lionel Hamtpon and his inner circle of Jazz – Greasy Gerens
Jon Thomas – Hey hey Baby


* Wich was your first experience into the mod/R&B/Soul scene?

My first experience into modernist scene was about 4 years ago at Maximum Mod Weekender in Genova and from that event my passion for black music grows everyday more.

* Tell us about a DJ that infuenced or made an impact on you.

I have not one dj that I prefer.

* Wich is your main aim or interest when playing your records?

I think who can mix nice tunes from different genres is a good one and this is my purpose when I play my records

* 3 favourite records? What do they mean for you?

Jimmy Clanton – Cindy
James Crawford – Hold It
The Romancers – House Cat

* If you’ve been playing for Boiler before, how do you rate your previous experience? If not, just tell us what do you expec it to be.

This is the first time at Boiler, I hope everybody will jump and shout at the club!

* Current Top 10

Ray Charles – Get On The Right Track Baby
Ernie Fields and His Orchestra – Workin’ Out
Slim Harpo – Baby Scratch My Back
Stan Robinson – Rhinoceros
Cholli Maye – Get On The Right Track Baby
Little Johnny Walter – Somewhere Down The Line
Dean and Jean – I Love The Summertime
Jeanette Washington – Move On
Yvonne Fair – Just as Sure
Timmy Shaw – If I catch You

RAFA GS (València)

* Wich was your first experience into the mod/R&B/Soul scene? If it was a club, wich one was it?

My first memory of a Mod party was one night after a birthday party that we went to a club in the suburbs of Valencia. The first impression was when watching some mods in white shoes, smart shirts and dancing some afroamerican rhythms, it was like being Soho in ’63. Years later some of those mods became friends and some very close friends.

Mi primer recuerdo es asistir a una fiesta en las afueras de Valencia después de un cumpleaños. La imagen que me quedó fue como estar en un club del Soho en 1963, y yo viendo a un gran número de mods con zapatos blancos, camisas elegantes y todos bailando ritmos negros. Con el tiempo algunos se convirtieron en amigos y otros en grandes amigos.

* Tell us about a DJ that infuenced or made an impact on you.

I’ve always preferred DJ’s that don’t go to obvious tracks and are capable to discover new songs and then you feel the need of asking what’s the name of that gem. If I had to say one name that will be Roger Banks.

Siempre me han interesado los dj’s que arriesgan y de los que descubres temas nuevos y no tienes más remedio que dirigirte a la cabina para averiguar cómo se llama esa maravilla que está sonando. Por nombrar a alguien mítico diría el nombre de Roger Banks.

* Wich is your main aim or interest when playing your records?

When I play records I’m always watching people on the dancefloor. I try to to know their likes so if I have to continue with what I’m playing or I have to change to another sound. To me the more important thing is that people enjoy dancing, that’s the point.

Cuando pongo discos en algún local mi vista está en la pista de baile. Intento valorar la respuesta de la gente que está bailando para seguir pinchando ese palo o cambiarlo. Para mí lo más importante es que la gente baile, nada más y nada menos.

* 3 favourite records? What do they mean for you?

Billy Hawks – Heavy Soul! – Prestige LP. Blues and Jazz mixed in a perfect cocktail with the voice and organ of Mr. Hawks, and then added the work of two maestros like Rudy van Gelder and Cal Lampley. Masterpiece.
The Action – The Ultimate Action – Edsel LP. The best Mod English band ever. I watched them playing in the late 90’s and it was magic. The sound was like in the records that I knew so well. Baby, you’ve got it!
Jimmy Smith – Stay loose – Verve LP. The great genious of the Hammond B3 singing with his voice and with his fingers. Essential.

Billy Hawks – Heavy Soul! – Prestige LP. Blues y Jazz crean un cocktail perfecto con la voz y el órgano de Mr. Hawks, todo aderezado con la maestría de dos genios como Rudy van Gelder y Cal Lampley. Obra maestra.
The Action – The Ultimate Action – Edsel LP. La mejor banda Mod inglesa. Los pude ver en Londres a finales de los 90 y fue un momento mágico. Sonaron igual que en los discos. Baby, you’ve got it!
Jimmy Smith – Stay Loose. – Verve LP. El gran maestro del Hammond B3 cantando con la voz y con los dedos. Imprescindible.

* If you’ve been playing for Boiler before, how do you rate your previous experience? If not, just tell us what do you expec it to be.

This will be my first time playing records in Boiler club. As public I’ve always enjoyed so much the musical policy and I’ve always danced as much as my feet could resist. As DJ I’m only interested in making the people dance and let them enjoy with Soul-Jazz, R&B, Boogaloo, some Soul and some black-inspired British sounds. Hope not dissapoint you.

Es mi primera vez a los platos en un Boiler, como público siempre he disfrutado mucho de la calidad musical y mi respuesta en la pista de baile ha ido en corcondancia. Sólo me interesa que la gente lo pase bien y baile, así que entre el Soul-Jazz, R&B, Boogaloo y algo de Soul y algún toque británico siempre bajo la perspectiva afroamericana; espero por lo menos estar a la altura.

* Current Top 10

Cornell Blakely – I want my share (Rich)
Ernie Fields – Fallin’ (Rendezvous)
Little Johnny Taylor – Looking at the future (Galaxy)
Sonny Knight Quartette – Let’s get it on (Aura)
Sarah Vaughan – I believe in you (Roulette)
The Jewels – Gotta find a way (Dimension)
Liz Sands – One man’s poison (One-derful!)
Jimmy Brown – Chain of fools (A-Bet)
Freddie McCoy – Summer in the city (Prestige)
Ornella Vanoni – Coccodrillo (Ricordi)

+ RESIDENT DJs: Jordi Duro & Cristina Alonso

MOVIN’ ON :: Pure Soul Music Barcelona :: 4th June 2016

Pure Soul Music Barcelona

SATURDAY June 4th 2016

Av. Paral.lel nº 62, Barcelona
Metro: “Paral.lel” L2 & L3
From 23:00h
Admission: 10 euros (including drink)

JULIÁN RECA (Barcelona)
+ MOVIN’ ON Djs: Edu Domingo & Cristina Alonso

+++ Friday welcome party at GINGER (Plaça Sant Just, Barcelona)
FRIDAY 3rd – from 21:00h til 02:30h  – Free entry
Guest DJs: DJ VIRGINIE (Barcelona) + MANUEL PARRA (Sevilla)

+++ SIESTA IS OVER! Movin’ On Warm Up at GINGER (Plaça Sant Just, Barcelona) >> SATURDAY 4th – from 17:00h til 20:00h  – Free entry >> Guest DJs: ELSA (Valencia) + ADELA DOMINGUEZ (Madrid)

[Next date :: October 1st 2016 :: more info coming soon…]



Like most people on the soul scene, I got into this infectious sound at a very young age, and thankfully still have age on my side to keep learning and unearthing new sounds to my always open ears, regardless of the soul genre. I’ve only been collecting vinyl just over a decade but there’s nothing better than the thrill of hearing a new beat, hunting it down and finally obtaining that illustrious want.
Living in Leeds meant travelling to hear quality soul platters was a necessity so I decided to set up a rare soul night in the city with my pal Rich Buckley. That Driving Beat was formed and ran successfully for 8yrs up until recently when we called it a day. I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to play at top events in the UK and European weekenders/niters, and I’m really looking forward to hitting the steel wheels at moving on, playing to an up for it vibrant crowd in Barcelona on my first visit to this amazing city!

Top 5
Harvey Scales – Trying to survive
Bernard Smith – Got to be a reason
Bernetia Miller – You can tell me Goodbye
Kings Of Soul – Is your love for me
Jack Sass Band – Where is the love (you promised me)

CHRISTOPHE IMBERT (France / Barcelona)

Hola soy Christophe, gabacho afincado en el Valles Oriental (norte de Barcelona por los que no conocen) desde 2008. Es un verdadero placer y un honor de haber sido convidado para pinchar en el Movin’ On, seguramente uno de los mejor club de Europa y sin ninguna duda mi preferido junto al Boiler. Edu me ha pedido una pequeña bio, cosa que siempre me costa mucho hacer. Bueno, en pocas palabras, empecé a pinchar 60s soul y R&B en 2000 en Lyon, en un pequeño club que se llamaba Boom Boom. Luego me trasladé a Bordeaux, siguiendo poner música y montar fiestas (Midnight Shuffle, St Tropez Soulful Patrol,…). A llegar a Catalunya, reempezar hace 6-7 años con mi compañero Fonsoul, a organizar un club mensual en Barcelona, llamado Double Cookin’ y dedicado a la música negra, en un sentido muy amplio, porque va del R&B 50s hasta el Xover y 70s soul. “Over the board” y sin complejo son seguramente las palabras que definen mejor las sesiones que hacemos. Algunos clubes donde he pinchado estos últimos años: Soul Parade (Paris), Big Shake (Helsinki), Teen Scene (London),…. Por este Movin On, dejare de lado los sonidos más early para un mix que debería incluir, por supuesto, 60s y 70s soul, pero también deep funk, un poco de xover y modern y mucho góspel, que es lo que mola ahora. En la maleta llevare seguramente estos discos anqué no os puedo asegurar que los pinchare todos.

Sacred Four – Somebody is watching you (Champ)
Bobby King & The Relation – Don’t Give Up Hope (Lunar)
Newborn – It’s allright! (to get beside yourself) (Private LP)
Carlton Basco – Don’t Chain my Soul (Freedom)
Harvey Scales – Love Thief (Magic Touch)

JULIAN RECA (Barcelona)

Hola soy Julian Reca, odio esto de las presentaciones así que seré breve… sólo decir que me muero de ganas de que empiece el Movin ya!! Mis gustos musicales para quien no me conozca o no haya escuchado alguno de mis sets, son de lo más variado, del soul sixties al 80s boogie, del funk al disco, sin olvidarnos del northern y el xover, vamos que los limites se los pone uno, y en mi caso voy a escape libre. Es un orgullo el poder volver a la cabina del Movin y además en esta edición tan especial. Os dejo aquí algunos de los discos que pondré el sabado. Nos vemos en nada!!!

The energetics – You make me nothing
Clay brown – Walk with a groove
Brutal force – Dreams for sale
Larry McGee Revolution – The burg
Kenix feat Bobby Youngblood – Theres never been no one like you


Un placer aportar mi granito de arena de nuevo en uno de los clubs que más me ha aportado personalmente. Con muchas ganas de compartir unas horas de pura magia rodeado de gente como la que está leyendo estas líneas. Aquí os adjunto 5 cuarenta y cincos que os podrías perder si no venís a la fiesta.

Matt Brown – Thank you baby (Jarval)
Ralph “Soul” Jackson – Set me free (Black Kat)
Paul Burton – So very hard to make it (Music-Go-Round)
Kelly & The Soul Explosions – Talking about my baby’s love (Dynamite)
Frankie Alexander – No seat dancin (Deelegance)

+ MOVIN’ ON DJs: Eduardo Domingo & Cristina Alonso

Harmònica fira del disc Independent – 18 de juny de 2016

La Fira del Disc Independent és més que una fira de discs i discogràfiques. Pretén ser un espai de trobada d’editors, discogràfiques, músics i públic. Un espai de relació per aquella gent amant de la música fora del circuit comercial. Un espai des d’on impulsar i promoure aquelles idees creatives que busquen noves maneres de fer, anant més enllà del producte musical. Un espai que ens permeti compartir projectes musicals i discogràfics. Un espai on fer visible que dintre de la música un altre món es possible. Un espai on gaudirem de la música compartint-la amb qui la crea.

Aquesta fira no entén la música només com un negoci! Calen maneres de fer diferents, més properes i amb un millor tracte amb els músics. La fira serà a l’Ateneu L’Harmonia, un espai situat dins del recinte fabril de la Fabra i Coats, a Sant Andreu de Palomar, el dia 18 de juny de 2016, sent el dissabte més proper al dia de la música.

La Fira del Disc Independent anirà acompanyada de la mostra de 30 segells i publicacions discogràfiques. Un espai d’exposició i de venda de disc i cd’s. El contacte entre el públic i editors, sense intermediaris, permet parlar cara a cara, plantejar dubtes i conèixer les persones que treballen darrera de cada projecte discogràfic. També serà un espai de relació entre músics i discogràfiques, on intercanviar projectes, idees, propostes, etc…

Durant la Fira del Disc Independent podrem gaudir de més de 12 actuacions en directe per poder disfrutar dels diferents estils de música representant així el màxim d’opcions dins de la música independent actual.

Magnus Luna
Grup del segell del Taller de Músics.

Lo Petit Comitè
Grup del segell Kasbamusic

Grup del segell Maus Booking Star

Abdominable Gallina Nauseabunda
Grup del segell No Me’n Records

Grup del segell Kasbamusic

Grup del segell Dronetool

Grup del segell Maus Booking Atar

El Sistema Suec
Grup del segell El Mamut Traçut

The Defense
Grup del segell Cruzade Records

Grup del segell El Forat Records

Gru del segell El Forat Records

Disaster Jacks
Grup del segell Picnic Records

Barrel Aged



MOVIN’ ON :: Pure Soul Music Barcelona :: 2nd April 2016

Pure Soul Music Barcelona

SATURDAY April 2nd 2016

Av. Paral.lel nº 62, Barcelona
Metro: “Paral.lel” L2 & L3
From 23:00h
Admission: 10 euros (including drink)

TOMAS McGRATH (Inner City Soul, London,UK)
JAMES POGSON (Inner City Soul, London,UK)
ALBERT PETIT (Palma de Mallorca)
+ MOVIN’ ON Djs: Edu Domingo & Cristina Alonso

+++ SIESTA IS OVER! Movin’ On Warm Up at GINGER (Plaça Sant Just, Barcelona) >> SATURDAY 2nd – from 17:00h til 20:00h  – Free entry >> Guest DJs: CLAIRE KALVIS (UK) + WILL WEST (UK) +++ HALF TIME and END OF THE GAME SETS @ MAU MAU (C/ Fontrodona, 35, Barcelona) DURING FC BARCELONA – REAL MADRID GAME

[Next date :: June 4th 2016 :: more info coming soon…]


TOMAS McGRATH (Inner City Soul, London,UK)

Tomas, 24 year old Londoner and law student. Likes Soul, Funk and Disco music. Co-founder of Inner City Soul and current resident at the 100 Club 6ts Allnighters in London. Loves Barcelona and looking forward to coming back. Favourite colour is navy blue. Also likes Patxaran and Membrillo. Ens veiem aviat!

The Honey B’s – “What Love Can Do” (B’s Wax)
Kelly & The Soul Explosions – “Talking About My Baby’s Love” (Dynamite)
Bonnie Blanchard – “You’re The Only One” (C.R.S.)
The Underground Express – “I Never Found A Girl (To Love Me The Way You Do)” (U.G.E.)
JT Rhythm – “All I Want Is You” (Palmer)
Pandella Kelly – “Stand In For Love” (Horoscope)
The Soul Injection – “Stay Off The Moon” (Accent)
Sherry Richard – “Don’t Get Caught” (Sherry Richard)
Pazazz – “So Hard To Find” (In-Roads)
Pandella Kelly – “Stand In For Love” (Horoscope)

JAMES POGSON (Inner City Soul, London,UK)

James is a London based DJ who offers an across the board mix of sounds. His club nights, ‘Inner City Soul’ & ‘Reel To Reel’ focus on uptempo tunes from the 60s through to the 80s, mixing the known with the unknown. James set up his record label ‘Symphonical Records’ in 2016, that releases unreleased material from back in the day.

Just Us – We’ve Got A Good Thing Going (Vincent)
Brotherhood – When You Need Me (Tesseract)
Gemini – Unchanging Love (Rosa)
True Image – Keep Me Dancing (Wilker)
Mellow Madness Band – Boogie M (BR)

ALBERT PETIT (Palma de Mallorca)

No puedo empezar de otra forma más que agradeciendo a la organización la invitación para pinchar en este evento, sin duda uno de los de más calidad de la escena española en cuanto a soulful sounds se refiere.  Llevo unos quince años participando de manera más o menos activa en la escena musical negra, he participado e impulsado clubs y festivales como el MODS S.O.S (Madrid), The Boiler (BCN), Clean Cut (BCN), Gonna be a Big Thing Allnighters (València) y paseado mi maleta de discos por muchos clubs del país y algunos de Europa. Actualmente resido en Palma de Mallorca, donde además de pinchar frecuentemente en diferentes clubs y propuestas de la isla, colaboro en la revista musical Notodoesindie y la emisora Sputnik Radio.
Mis sesiones pueden abarcar desde el R&B de los años sesenta, hasta el soulful garage de los noventa. Para esta ocasión voy a seleccionar un mix de rare grooves exóticos, crossover y algo de tropicalismo andino, aquí una muestra:

Jakki – You are the Star – West End 12” (1976)
Caviar – Never Stop Loving You – Survivor 12” (1982)
True Image – Keep me Dancing – Willkerr 12” (1981)
Scrimshire – Margie Move Mountains – Blank 7” (2015)
Di Melo – A vida en sus métodos diz calma – Odeon LP (1975)
Tim Maia – Gostava tanto de voce – Polydor EP (1973)
The Natural Four – Hanging on to a lie – Boola Boola 7” (1971)
The Internationals – Beautiful Philosophy – D´ar 7” (197?)
Traffic Sound – La Camita – Mag 7” (1971)
Los Salvajes – Fiebre en la Jungla – Antillano (1971)

+ MOVIN’ ON DJs: Eduardo Domingo, Marcos Juandó & Cristina Alonso

Divendres 12/02: SYNDROME 81 / SEWER BRIGADE / REVENJA – Barcelona

Aquest divendres 12, de 19:00 a 22:00

SYNDROME 81 (Punk rock / Oi! Brest)

SEWER BRIGADE (Streetpunk Barcelona, presentant LP)

REVENJA (Punk / Oi! Barcelona)

CSOA Transformadors
C/ Ausias Marc 60
L1 Arc de Triomf
L2 Tetuan


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