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United Bottles – The Spirit And The Legacy interview


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started? What about your name?
United Bottles: We are United Bottles. A four piece punk Rock band from Belfast. We are former members of Belfast Oi! Band Runnin’riot.
We formed in the winter of 2014.
We are :
Marty – Guitar and vocals
Ralph – Bass
Eden – Drums

Redstar73 Blog: You have released your debut album. Tell us more about it!
United Bottles: We just self released our 13 track Debut album “The Spirit and the legacy” at the start of July.
We did a run of cds and put the album up for digital download. We have a had a good response and We sold out of cds pretty quickly we’ve restocked now and We’re working with Alex at Distr-oi! Records To get it released on vinyl. We should have it in the autumn. Hopefully.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
United Bottles: Well first off we still have a lot of great gigs to play this year. We have Rebellion Festival in Dublin at the end of October. Cocksparrer are playing! In Ireland for the first time. Can’t wait for that.
We’ve just started working on the new stuff and we hope to put out a split 7″ with our mates, Cork city’s finest THE JOLLARS.
Hopefully we can sort a few gigs in Europe in 2018.

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in your area?
United Bottles: The Belfast scene is great. Although we have fewer venues to play these days.
Plenty of new bands coming through regardless..
Like Takers and Users, Lawfucker, Deathgrip.. We even have a fantastic new Ska Reggae band called Tonic all stars. All bands to watch out for.
Locally I promote some punk and Ska shows. We also have a volunteer run social centre called Warzone and we hold alot of fests and gigs there.
There’s a lot happening in such a small city and it’s far more vibrant than it was in the bad old days.

Redstar73 Blog: Any chance to see you guys live in Europe?
United Bottles: We would love to come to Europe.
If anyone is interested in having us over to play they can get in touch with us on the Facebook page

Redstar73 Blog: How important is for you the DIY idea and politics?
United Bottles: Belfast has been steeped in the DIY punk ethos from the start! From the gigs in The Harp bar to Terri Hooley releasing the local bands music on his Good vibrations label. Then we had the Anarchy Centre which later became the Warzone collective. That’s been a hub of music and activism for a while now.
I think it’s important for bands to learn how to do things for themselves. Be it organising gigs, printing your own tees or releasing your own music.
Helps keep your feet on the ground.
Being from Belfast it’s hard to escape politics. The Punk Rock scene here has always offered an alternative to the quagmire of divisive, local sectarian politics.
As for the band. We are anti racist and anti fascist. It Goes without saying.

Redstar73 Blog: What do you think about the Oi! current scene?
United Bottles: It’s very healthy and there’s some great bands doing the rounds. There’s so many bands now it’s hard to keep track.
Special mention to Gimpfist, The Jollars, Takers and users, Arch rivals, The Angry agenda and the excellent GRIT

Redstar73 Blog: Give us your Top5 Punk & Oi! songs.
United Bottles: This is difficult and ever changing.
We’ll give it a go

Sex Pistols-God Save The Queen
The Clash-Tommy Gun
Sham 69-What Have We Got?
4 Skins-Chaos
Blitz-Voice Of A Generation

Gimp fist: skinhead not bonehead
Argy bargy:homeward bound
Booze and glory: our passion
Perkele: moments
Runnin riot: oi oi angel

Towerblocks-General boredom
Gimpfist – a country divided
Leatherface – Dead industrial atmosphere
The Jollars – The fight
Cocksparrer – last train to Dagenham

DKM: The Gauntlet
Cocksparrer: Because you’re young
Darkbuster: Whiskey Will
SLF: At the Edge
Star Fucking Hipsters: Immigrants and Hypocrites

Redstar73 Blog: Last words!
United Bottles: Keep the faith!


Takers & Users – Backbars and Alleyways interview


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started? What about your name?
Takers & Users: The band started in 2014. Myself and Sprouley had played in Hardcase previously. We then asked Darzo to sing and he decided to play bass as well. Ryan joined on second guitar about a year later. The name came from the Business song Takers and Users. No real meaning behind it.

Redstar73 Blog: You have released your album ‘Backbars & Alleyways’. Tell us more about it!
Takers & Users: We initially recorded 4 tracks in a studio in Larne and released a 100 demos ourselves. We sent a few out to labels to see if anyone would release our album and Diana at Randale was interested. So we went back into the studio and recorded another 6 songs and put them all together for the album.

Redstar73 Blog: As we are big fans of the Neurotics here, please tell us the story behind your song “The Neurotics Were Right”.
Takers & Users: It was more a dig at the Tories than it was a tribute to the Neurotics to be honest. I’m a fan of the Neurotics and went to see them the last time they played Belfast, but the lyrics are more to do with the welfare reforms that were being implemented by the Tories.

Redstar73 Blog: How important is for you the DIY idea and politics?
Takers & Users: I think for a band like ours the idea of DIY will always be important. Most gigs we play are either put on by ourselves or our friends, and its better that way to be honest. It generally means you don’t have to deal with any bullshit. As far as politics goes we’re not really party political. I’ve never voted in a general election and don’t think any of us have to be honest.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
Takers & Users: Hopefully release an EP soon, finish writing our second album and get a few more gigs under our belts.

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in Belfast?
Takers & Users: The scene in Belfast is quite small, and because of that the gigs are mixed. For example there wouldn’t be enough oi bands to do a full oi gig so we normally play with hardcore, ska or psychobilly bands.

Redstar73 Blog: Give us your Top5 Oi&Punk songs.
Takers & Users: Tough one to narrow it down. It changes all the time. In no particular order.

Cocksparrer – Take em all
The Business – Product
Marching Orders – Songs of yesterday
Runnin Riot – Double the pain
Red Alert – Long Night in Long Island

Redstar73 Blog: Last words!
Takers & Users: Cheers for getting in touch. Happy New Year and hopefully speak soon.


Aggressors B.C. – The tone of the times interview

Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started? What about your name?

Aggressors B.C.: The band are Marty(me) -Guitar and vocals Patreece -vocals Sauce- lead guitar Ralph -Bass Cormac -keys Daniel -Drums We started practicing back in 09 and commenced Gigging in 2010. Our first gig was support act for Vic Ruggerio In Belfast. We all have been playing in different bands in Belfast for many years. I played in Belfast Oi! Band Runnin’riot and myself, Cormac and Daniel play in hardcore punk band 1000 Drunken Nights. We all love Ska and Reggae music and we felt that our city needed a Band that could cover a few different styles. There was only maybe 3 Ska bands in Belfast at that time. We wanted to be different from those bands. We like to mix 2tone sounds with straight up Ska, Reggae and a little bit of old School skinhead reggae rhythm too. The name was one of many we had just pulled from a hat! No great reason. Belfast has been portrayed as being a violent and Aggressive place. Belfast is not really like that at all. So i guess the name is kind of tongue in cheek.

Redstar73 Blog: You have new record coming out soon. Tell us more about it!
Aggressors B.C.: We hit the Studio earlier this Year and recorded four new tracks for an Ep. We have had a line up change since then. Our old Bassist Steeky left to become a grown up. This was his last recording session with the band.We have since got Ralph into the band. Ralph was longtime Bassist with Runnin’riot.He fits in perfectly with our sound. The Ep is self titled and will be available from August 15th on 7″vinyl and Cd. The cd has six added bonus tracks from our old demo “Boss sounds from titanic town”. It will be a co release by Madbutcher and my new label Black north records.

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in Belfast?
Aggressors B.C.: They scene is very healthy. In aggressors alone there are four other bands and a soundsystem crew. Sauce plays in old school Reggae band Boss sound manifesto. Daniel Djs for Buzz sounds soundsystem. I have my other punk rock projects too. We have our own autonomous collective and social centre in Belfast called Warzone. 160 capacity venue and you can bring your own beer. We volunteer there and promote gigs there. I just recently had Grade2 over. Great night and a great social mix of punks, skins, crusts and hardcore kids. All antifascist. Strictly.

Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for Aggressors BC?
Aggressors B.C.: Well we have our launch on 15th August Then we break for a while. Band members have been busy this year with university and college. Ive been writing some songs and putting a plan together for the next album. So i think we will be mostly working on new stuff. We would like to tour next year maybe.

Redstar73 Blog: How important is for you the DIY idea and politics?
Aggressors B.C.: Im very lucky to have grown up playing in the Irish Diy punk scene. It taught me a lot. Through touring over the years we played for many Diy collectives in Ireland, Uk and Europe so i guess ive been learning along the way. I put on around ten gigs a year in Belfast and i have a great crew of friends who help me run these shows. We have great Diy ethos and great solidarity. Last year i thought id have a try at starting a small Diy label.. I must be mad!

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
Aggressors B.C.: Thanks for the questions Jan! Smash Racism Smash bigotry Keep on keeping on!

Buy the CD here:

Section 4 – In no fit state

Section 4
Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started? What about your name?

Section 4: Howaya! We’re Section 4 from Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland – Paul (guitar/vocals), Conor, (Drums/vocals), Bob (Bass/vocals). We got together in 2007 with the intention of being a straight up Oi! Band, but before long other influences, especially Reggae and Ska, came into our sound. The name is taken from Section 4 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act under which 2 of us, together with some friends of ours, were arrested one night; the story of that night forms the lyrics to the song “Night In the Cells” off our first album. Needless to say drink was taken…

Redstar73 Blog: You have just released your new album. Tell us more about it.
This album is a little different to our first one in that there’s a little more of the ska and reggae influence compared to tthe first one. Also theres a lot of extra instruments overdubbed here and there – organ, sax, trumpet, acoustic guitar, bodhran…we had quite a few of our mates guesting on it, cheers to all of them! This time around we’ve had a few labels help us out with the release; Jobsworth (Ireland), Rebeltime (Canada) and Infiltrate The System (England). That’ll will help with the promotion and distribution for which we’re very grateful.Due to the lenght of time it took us to get all the overdubbing and mixing done, we are almost ready to go and record again, so watch this space!

Redstar73 Blog: How important is for you the DIY idea and politics?
The DIY idea is great in a lot of ways but I’m not absolutist about it. The sense of community in the scene, the mutual aid, total control over every aspect of your band – all wonderful but it is very hard for DIY bands to survive. We all have to eat somehow so if you are making no money on music you have to work other jobs etc which means you have less time to do music. For every DIY band that can keep going for years there are a thousand great bands who broke up because they couldnt afford what is essentially a very expensive hobby. I would never change one word or one note of a song for money but if a label wanted to give us money to tour, record etc without setting any conditions I’d have no problem with it personally. Not that that’s likely to happen! As for politics, that word means different things to different people. It doesn’t have to mean parties and elections; politics is your values, what kind of a society you want to live in, and what you do to bring about that society. The songs we have about normal working class life, being skint, losing your job etc are just as political as the ones critisising the establishment. As for me, I’m a class struggle anarchist – real change will only come about from those of us on the bottom taking control.Politics is very important, but having the craic is important too! Also,you don’t get through to people by lecturing them;Im a big believer in the old Oi! slogan “having a laugh and having your say”. One last point: we are a 100% antiracist, antifascist band and have zero tolerance for that bullshit or people who take a soft line on it. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about dodgy bands/promoters in the Irish scene but we’re aware of the problem elsewhere.

Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for the Section 4?
We’re very proud to be playing the Keep The Faith festival in Belfast this May alongside a shitload of great bands. We’re hoping to get a tour of Ireland in during the summer to promote the new album, having already got a few English dates in this year with our German buddies Robinson Krause (hallo lads!).A new recording is on the cards but we’re still debating whether to do an EP/split release or go straight for another full lenght album.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
Last year we lost our friend and legend of the punk scene, Colin “Riot” McQuillan, singer for Runnin Riot. You couldn’t say enough good things about the man and we will give our all in his memory when we play Belfast in May. Also this year saw the untimely death of Todd Serious,singer for the Rebel Spell, who we had the pleasure of touring with on their previous visits to Ireland. Condolences to everyone affected by the passing of these two absolute gentlemen.
Thanks for your interest in our band, keep an eye on our Facebook for updates! Oi!




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